April Update


It has been ages since I have written. And this post is purely a purge. I was writing compulsively for over 2 years almost every day, hundreds of words at a time. In the last few months this passion has eased some what. But the thing is with writing, one must keep writing! I know it makes me feel good, and if it brings joy to you my reader than this is a bonus for me too.

A lot has happened over the last few months. I achieved my lifetime goal of buying my first property and moved into my new home. It was a long time coming and a goal I had been urging myself to do for years. Travel mostly interrupted these plans and self doubt, and the fact I was never sure I was home buying material. I am a restless being and like movement and change. I also know that we never really own anything, and because I do not have children there is no one to pass it onto. So really what is the point?


Three months in and I am still a little stressed about my new financial pressures, however knowing that my pay check is going towards my own home loan is a good feeling. I also love being able to paint, decorate and make the garden a paradise; which I am well on the way to doing. I have made quite a few changes since arriving, and I intend on making more!

In three months I knocked out an enclosed sunroom, it was super ugly and prevented me from looking out into the garden. Now I can sit on the back patio and see all of my garden at once. Brilliant! I listen to the birds, watch the trees, sky and clouds and feel at peace. Having my own garden space is one of the best aspects of my new place.


I became very handy with a paint brush and painted the entire back fence. Blue of course. If you know colours it is very similar to Colorbond blue, a rich dark blue, and I love it. The idea with the dark fence is to make the plants and flowers pop, which they are already are doing.

I have also started on painting the ground pavers, initially a pinky salmon colour, but I am really not sure about this colour. So will go another colour! I will let you know how that goes.

I have been hosting lots of lovely travellers in my new home, so far an Estonian, an American and two guys from Belgium. Next I have a guy coming from Reunion Island. I love hosting travellers, it makes me feel like I am still travelling, it is good company for me and it helps to pay the bills a little bit. It also encourages me to get out and around Perth to explore more and show off my lovely city.

I am still determined to travel towards the end of the year, but I will just have to see how my finances go. My goal is to get up to Norway for a few weeks, and I would also love to tack on Germany and Belgium to visit some friends. I really do love travelling, and previous to home buying I would take a big trip 6 to 8 weeks away overseas every year. I can still travel, it just requires a bit more juggling, and some lateral thinking.

I have been spending loads of time at the beach recently, I look outside in the morning intending to work around the house, and the weather simply looks too amazing! I immediately put on my swimsuit and head to the beach. Lying on the sand, reading a book, soaking up the sun and taking frequent swims in cool icy sea is bliss for me. We even saw a dolphin frolicking on the shores last week too! Making the beach even more magical.

I dream of being more entrepreneurial, being able to work online and bring in a good income sounds amazing. I am reading ‘The 4 hour work week” by Tim Ferris right now, and it is blowing my mind. This guy is a genius! He really looks at life from a different angle and is certainly not following the crowd. I admire his tenacity, courage, intelligence and gung-ho approach to life. I realise we are the same age too. It really is amazing how different our lives can be. I highly recommend this book if you want a broader perspective on how life can be.


And just like that I have spewed forth over 800 words. Boom. It’s nice to be back. Hope you have enjoyed reading my latest blog.

Take care and say hi in the comments. What are you reading right now that is awesome?

Anita xx

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