I am a writer. What are you?

Hi everyone. It has occurred to me in a very strong way that I love to write. Can you tell? I have been writing this blog compulsively now for over a year and I have kept it up. I have maintained my momentum, outlasted my expectation, and gone the distance. I have learned a lot about my writing, about myself and about others. And I love it. I truly love to write.

Image from Behance. This image makes me think of possibilities. Anything is possible!

It is so wonderful to discover a skill buried deep within that you never really knew you had. I have had urges to write throughout my life. So strong that the urge is overwhelming, at all times of the day or night, and I simply must get words down on paper. It is thrilling to see the words appear before my eyes, forming paragraphs and then filling pages of books, or now more aptly, full pages of print. I love to share my ideas and offer inspiration to you my reader.

These are the cutest little birds ever. Thank you to the artist who happens to be in the image which is perfect! I love their colours and cute little shapes!

Life has been full on for me for the last few years. Writing has helped me process all the chaos, and in turn share my learned wisdom. I have a compelling need to make the most of  life, I do not fear death, but I fear missing out. I fear getting to the end of my life and feeling hard done by. I would hate to think on my death bed I did not get to do absolutely everything I wanted to do. Well, this could be slightly unrealistic, but I have always been one to aim high, and at least attempt to lead a life that is as fulfilling as possible. There is no suffering in silence here. No sir-ee Bob.

I saw a psychic recently and she was absolutely AMAZING. Her name is Psychic Medium Lucie and I highly recommend her. She was one of the best I have ever seen, and I came away from her reading jubilant, excited for my life potential and reminded of some home truths, that I may have buried deep and only dreamed could be possible. Turns out my wildest dreams are very possible!

I see King Fishers around my area a lot. This bird reminds me of their beauty and elegance. And I love the colours.

I am a huge believer in manifesting and dreaming. My Dad taught me the power of dreaming and even the Law of Attraction. We would sit outside on a wooden bench by the pool in the garden as the sun set; hand in big soft comforting hand. Dad would have a beer and we would look at the stars and talk about life. Dream up fantastic plans, talk about the possibility of aliens and anything else that crossed our minds. He taught me to think big, to believe anything is possible and aim high, aim for the the sky, where there are no limits. He was a very smart man and I greatly admired him, in life and in death.

I was so lucky to have wonderful loving parents. They cared for me and treasured me like a precious possession; tender, guiding, supporting, in life and in death. I feel their love around me as I continue to reach out for them in the spirit world. I am comforted by the fact they are now together. Finally. We had such an amazing connection all three of us. We are soul mates. Many lives we have shared together, our connection so unique, so real, so pure, to this day it is the best and purest love I have experienced. LOVE love. Thanks Mum and Dad for being so great. Your love and spirit live on in me, and I can’t wait to be reunited with you both again one day. But first I need to live my life, and WRITE!

These are beautiful. They remind me of my sea shell collages I love to create whenever I am at the beach. Artist unknown. I would love to credit you!!

What does your heart yearn for? What do you feel you were put on this earth to do? What stops you from pushing out to do what you love?

Why do we continue to live lives we are unhappy with? In jobs that leave us exhausted and unfilled, or relationships that leave us hurt and broken? Let’s sort that out people!! Life is a work in progress and we are all bumbling along trying to do our best with our lot in life. Play the cards you are dealt, and play them as well as you can.

Love to you,

Anita xx


4 thoughts on “I am a writer. What are you?

  1. Anita,
    Thanks for sharing your adventures! I am half Latvian; and I am living vicariously through you! What fun adventures you have! My husband and I have been retired for five years. We do not travel much. It seems that he has visited most places I would like to go to and has no wish to return. We also have two little dogs, Most of our trips are by vehicle. We do go to Canada to see my parents every year. My dad is now 98 years of age!
    We also own a condo in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. It is only a 4.5 hour trip from here, Vail, Arizona. One of these days, we would like to visit Italy.
    Again, Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures!

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  2. Hi Nina! So great to hear from you! I love that you enjoy my blog and enjoy my travels too. There will be many more!!! How great you have a condo! And where abouts are your parents in Canada? I love Canada and lived in Ottawa and Vancouver. Italy is an amazing country I plan to return there next year. I hope you can keep enjoying my blogs 🙂 xx


  3. Hi Anita! I came accross your blog by chance. It is very interesting reading your lines. You have a beautiful way to write and the images you use are of charming taste. I enjoy following you and i hope you also enjoy my photo travel blog! Greetings from Argentina, Keep on writing! Roberto

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  4. Oh thanks Roberto! Always a pleasure to hear from my readers. And so pleased it has made its way to Argentina! 🙂 A country I will one day love to visit!! I will for sure check out your travel blog and look forward to following you too. Thanks!

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