I have read a few things from the start of the year about coming up with one word to focus on for the year. I liked the idea but previously it didn’t feel necessary. Well things have changed and I feel like I want to focus on a word, just one, and remind myself of this simple wisdom. I want to focus and learn to EMBRACE my reality more.

Hugs are great. Thanks Andy Westface for this awesome illustration.

It sounds strange when you write it down, but I do think it is very important to embrace and accept the reality we have. Accept came a close second to be chosen, similar in intention but embrace has a more huggy feel about it.

Too often we are wanting a different circumstance, different job, different everything. I often want everything to change. And I mean everything. Too often I visualise getting rid of all my stuff and just going! Go!!! Go where I do wonder? I find it hard to accept and embrace my situation, which is actually pretty good.

I remembered something really important the other day, as I dragged my sorry arse around the house, my pity party was warming up, I thought, hang on here love.

Happiness is a choice. 

From that minute on I bucked up and looked at things differently. Regardless of your circumstance, and let’s face it, anyone who can actually read this means we have more than all we need, we live superfluously and abundantly and we still complain about everything. This has to change. This rubbish flat depressing attitude has to change.

I realised I need to embrace my situation and just hug the shit out of it. Lol. Hugs are so underrated. I throw my arms around pretty much anyone who wants a hug. I have almost thought about holding up a sign with “free hugs” in the city mall. Just to get my hug quota up. Crazy I know, but you get my point. Hugs are the best.

This just looked pretty. Hope you like it 🙂 

I had a really good day today. I met some great new people and learnt some cool stuff. I find new people and travellers especially so refreshing. They have such a good perspective on things. They don’t live for things, they live for experiences, sharing good stories, and racking up good times. I met this girl today and she was so cool. She doesn’t even own a hair brush, and happily told us she had been using the same backpack for 15 years. SO COOL. Simple things impress me. I really appreciate people who live outside the box, and don’t conform to the usual way of living life. I identify with that.

I am motivated to keep having great experiences and enjoy life, live simply and be as happy as I can be. That’s got to be a pretty good thing to aim for right? What else is there?

Enjoy your week and hope you can be as happy as can be, regardless of your circumstances, embrace that shit!

Anita xx

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