Photo journey.

When I feel flat I know I need to be more creative. Tonight I was feeling a little below average and rather than continue to feel sorry for myself I grabbed my camera and went for on a mini ‘photo journey’.

When I travel I take photos everyday, and I love it. This is one reason why I love to travel, I love to be present in the moment and capture it with my own unique perspective. Photography enables me to be in the now moment, not think, pause, and focus. I have an over active mind at the best of times and I really find it a satisfying activity to take a walk and snap what I fancy. So I resorted to this practise this afternoon and I wanted to share with you what I came up with.

I managed to create this cool little collage which I rather like. I am lucky I live near the beach, so I decided to walk down there tonight. I am clearly obsessed with nature and flowers, I just love to get right up into them and snap their glory. I love it.

I was happy to find a little feather. When I see feathers I feel like it is a sign from my family in spirit, wishful thinking, either way it is still pretty.  It was nice to see it against the back ground of the setting sun.

I enjoyed finding a little collage of toys on a pillar, I felt like a young boy wanted to be creative with his toys. Good job kid. I like it!

The other day I went up to Yanchep for a little over night get away. Finding the yellow native bush flower reminded me of my friend D who was obsessed in snapping off a random branch of this vibrant flower to feed to her pet parrot Squawk. I am sure he was very happy with it as was I for photographing it.

I chatted to a student of mine today about photography, and it reminded me that I have not taken my camera out for awhile. It was great today to shake some cobwebs off and get out there and snap away, and get out of my busy head at least for a little while. This was a completely in flow activity for me.

What do you do to get in flow?

I hope you like my creative shots? Which one is your favourite?

If you would like a copy of one I can send it to you if you would like.

Anita xx

2 thoughts on “Photo journey.

  1. What lovely photographs. I love the blue berries against the purple fence best but I also love that little feather catching the sun’s colours. I’m glad you went on your photography tour. I find that creativity is my way of keeping balanced in my life. I definitely notice I feel totally out of sorts if I’ve had no time for art or photography or cooking something interesting.

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  2. Thanks Laura! Yes I was really happy with the berries against the fence too. The colours came out awesome! Such a cool contrast of unexpected colours. Yes its so important to be creative, I feel so much better for it! Thanks for commenting glad you liked it 🙂

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