Ways to boost your Energy!

I have had a busy time lately, and I just want to take a few deep breaths and punch out some words. Because strangely, this is how I like to relax. I have had a visitor stay with me for a few days, and will be staying with me for a few weeks. And I love it. I love having friends stay, I love meeting new people, and having new experiences, and I love staying with other people. I love a lot of things right now. And it makes me realise it is about energy, which I have a lot of lately, so here we go!

I love this burst of dahlia joy! I went to a swap meet the other morning and bought some plants from this awesome Italian Nonna. I love the perfection in nature, the symmetry and the amazing fresh colours. On its own this flower expresses an amazing energy.

My energy is certainly reaching peaks lately. I am over exuberant about pretty much everything. My energy is returning to me now, which is nice. It was pretty flat last year for many periods of time. I have been patient with myself, mostly, and have been working on regenerating myself, reinvigorating myself, renewing myself, and guess what? It’s working.

Sometimes in life it is important to recognise we have sluggish periods in time. We have down times, we have super high upper fun over zealous times, we have sad miserable pity party times, and we have ‘everything is awesome’ times.  I feel like there has been a really big shift of energy around me lately, and around other people from the start of this year. It’s great, it was necessary, and now it is here for us all to soak up and enjoy.

Recently I am obsessed with photographing the sky. I love the varying shades of crimson and pink and yellow in the sun setting sky, a changing canvas every night.

A new person I met at a thing recently told me, ‘wow you are so strong, and you have such great energy’. In fact 4 people said this in the group that day. It felt really nice to be recognised for having good high energy and for being strong. I guess I am strong. But it is just how I am, even though at times in my past I haven’t felt that great, this shift now that has been happening, is empowering, and making me feel strong, light, energetic and abundant.

This one person asked me;

‘How do you have such great energy?’

What a question! But it did get me thinking. How do we raise our energy when we feel like crap? Or when we feel flat? Or when we feel sad? Or when we feel like sludge? Well here are a few suggestions:

Ways to feel more energetic:

  1. Eat fresh food, with lots of colour. We really are what we eat. Eating food that is fresh, fruit and veggies and healthy and bursting with goodness, this has got to be one of the best ways to feel better in your body. A good fresh fruit and veg freshly squeezed juice is also a great way to get nutrients in and boost energy naturally.
  2. Get outside as much as you can. Nature and the outdoors has a natural way to increase our energy. I feel like we are ‘earthed’ outside, and there is an exchange of energy from the ground and up and out. Weird I know. But hey, it works. If you feel like crap, go outside, it immediately makes me feel better.
  3. Exercise is an obvious way to get more energy. Even when you do not even feel like moving an inch, you will feel so much better for it once you are doing it, and at the end of the exercise. It is all about moving energy around in your system, and generating new energy.
  4. Getting rid of unnecessary things/stuff/clutter in your home. Our homes are energy hot spots and too much stuff and clutter can drain your energy. Not sure how or why, but it feels so awesome to have a good clear out of stuff from your house; things you do not need, or use, or even see. My Dad had a system, if you haven’t used it in a year, chances are you do not even need it. So true right? Hard to do as we can get so emotionally attached to our stuff, but so liberating and certainly creates fresh energy. Moving house can also be a good way to have an excellent throw out opportunity.
  5. Move your furniture around. As a child I was obsessed with moving around the furniture in my room. I realise as an adult this was my natural instinct to generate energy in my personal space. And it worked. And it always made me feel great. I loved the new disorientating feeling of falling asleep at night facing a new direction, or jumping out of bed in a different way. Perhaps it was also about a perspective shift? Either way, it works. Go shift some stuff around!
  6. Have a good clean up. Cleaning up quite naturally gets rid of the old and brings in the new. Tidying, cleaning, removing dust are all simple ways to generate energy in your space.
  7. Visualising. Literally visualising your energy moving through your body will make you feel better. Try to visualise your energy centres in your body all spinning fast and all synchronised; like a spinning disc, is a great way to increase your internal buzz. I work on each centre one by one and spin them with my mind thinking of colours to match, to help improve my energy.
  8. Remove the human energy drains. There are people who can zap your energy, try and avoid spending too much time with these people. They are the negative, the nay sayers, the nothing is good people, or the no hopers spending too much time toxicating (totally a new word) their bodies with drugs.
  9. Swimming in the ocean is one amazing way to increase your energy. It works every time. Maybe it is the salt? The natural movement of the sea and the powerful energy it exudes, it is natures way to help energise us.
  10. Resting. Sometimes we need to listen to our bodies needs and give it the rest it asks for. As hard as it is to give in to, I find it very hard to relax and rest as it makes me feel lazy and unmotivated. But when I allow myself to rest, sleep, nap, read and relax; I always feel so much better for it. Take a siesta! Those should be mandatory worldwide. Nap time is so under-rated!
The natural salty sea is an amazing way to regenerate your energy. The colours, the cool water, the invigoration of the sea are all exhilarating ways to improve your energy and wellbeing.

Energy is an uber important part of our lives. I was blessed to be raised by 2 very energetic parents. They seriously ran rings around me, well okay, maybe we were all running in rings together now that I think about it! My Dad worked in a physically demanding job laying carpets and vinyl and timber floors all week for at least 50 hours; then would play 36 holes of golf, on foot on Sundays!! That was his way to unwind, walk 20 km and swing at a wild golf ball. I play 9 holes and I am wrecked. And that was when he was mid to late 50. Amazing! Both my parents hardly took time off, never slept in, never were sick, both were hard workers, and go go go go go goers. Not much of a surprise I come from this over exuberance of energy. And I love it. I loved their energy, and I can only hope that I emulate their awesomeness as much as I can as an adult. They taught me very well.

I hope you have liked my suggestions for increasing energy. What do you do to raise your energy?

Love and energy!

Anita xx

Thanks for reading, I hope you received a squirt of my over flowing energy through my words… writing is another wonderful way to generate energy!





3 thoughts on “Ways to boost your Energy!

  1. I enjoyed reading this and was a little shocked that I do so few of these things. I have been going through one of those flat line times. If I can just start to do one or two a day…I think I can up my energy.

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