All the Single Ladies ~ A message of hope.

This lovely image came from here. I was looking for an image that represented family, but instead found this image to represent colour and beauty.

Being single can be really annoying. It feels everyone is getting on in their lives and having the BEST time, and time seems to be stalling for me. I know I am not alone here, there are millions of people on their own, blah blah, but the truth is, its a total pain in the arse right!? LOL! Why cant we get our shit together?? Make this whole life, relationship, baby thing just magically happen?? Who knows how it happens, but I do think it can come down to a stroke of luck, and timing, that magical T word.

As I sat on the beach and gazed despondently at the happy families gayly swimming about and generally frolicking with glee, I felt sad and glum and pitied my sorry lonely self. It was a lovely sunny day, and the beach was glorious, the water crystal clear and a cool breeze made it all awesome. As a bad thought wafted through my mind like a bad smell, tears welled and streamed my face. I get these sad moments. They are annoying. I just let them happen now. I know they pass. And sure enough as quick as they come, boom, wipe those tears, go for a swim, life is to be enjoyed!

On return from my second swim I started chatting with a lady who sat beside me with her two little babies. I was surprised to hear her story, and she immediately brightened my mood. She had her first baby at 38. She met her husband randomly on a diving excursion, when she was paired by chance with her would be husband. She never thought she would settle down, she was constantly in transition, restless and couldn’t even care for pets, that’s how restless she used to be. I really could relate. I feel much the same way. And then boom, out of nowhere, on a holiday, she met a man she could settle with and raise a family with. Attraction and love were not instant, but in a short amount of time, things changed, and they grew closer and their connection soared. Within a short time, he had packed up his life here in Perth and went to join her in Quebec Canada. They travelled a little together and then married, then came back to live in Perth. Soon they were raising a small family. Unbelievable! Proof that life really can change in an instant.

I decided to go with a floral theme for this post. Another beautiful watercolour, some of my favourite types of art.

I was really pleased to meet this lady on the beach. She was encouraging and hopeful and straight forward. Life when you’re single feels like it could be like that forever. But in reality nothing is forever. Things change all the time. The cogs of life are forever turning, just when it feels like nothing is different, boom, everything is different, and nothing will ever look the same again.

It is important to appreciate our present moment and make the most of every situation we are in. Challenge or bliss, make the most of the little things, be grateful for your good fortune, make plans and take positive steps towards a brighter future.

Do you like being single? Do you have hope for a blissful future!? I hope so!

Anita xx

24 thoughts on “All the Single Ladies ~ A message of hope.

  1. I didnt say it was abnormal these are your words. Sorry if you dont like it, it is my opinion and perspective, we all think differently.


  2. Yes I agree ” nothing is forever, things change all the time” and belated happy birthday Anita 🎊🎂🎁🎉🎊 and yes it’s a lovely watercolor!

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  3. You are very welcome!! We are not alone!! 🙂 I just wrote another on just now about why being single is awesome, so hopefully that one will help to inspire too! I can thank ‘Rain awareness’ for pointing out to me that being single quite rightly can be awesome!!! As you can read soon….in coming posts! 😉


  4. It just is!!!!!! Sometimes… other times, I love being single…Thanks to your persistence I just wrote another post about why being single is awesome, so I have you to thank for some further inspiration. It will go live in a week or so… 🙂


  5. I liked your article and the water color. It was not signed. Did you do it? Lovely.
    I was single for a very long time. Long enough to know that I wanted someone in my life, but not just anyone. I felt whole and at the same time wanted to experience being with someone who I loved and loved me back. I think it is possible to hold the two seemingly conflicting concepts. Being single can be wonderful and being single can be hard. Being married can be wonderful and being married can be hard.
    Thank you for your reflection.

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  6. Thank you for another inspiring article. I also get in that kind of lousy mood, since most of my friends have families, and same questions arouse in my mind also, and just want to say “I understand you completely” … You do great work, and putting smile on faces when they needed most … God bless you

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  7. Thanks so much Vladimir! I really appreciate your comment! Sometimes when I write it feels it goes out into a black hole! And other times I am pleasantly surprised to hear lovely comments from readers all over the world, and this is why I love to write. Hope you can enjoy being single for all its worth! A new post coming along soon on that one too! 🙂 Hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog 🙂 Anita. P.S. Can I ask where you are from?


  8. No black holes here 🙂 ,… Part of me really enjoys being single and doing so much of that which you can not do if you are in relationship … but the other part is longing for someone to love and give myself to …. I am from Serbia, small but very nice country 🙂

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  9. Amazing how similar we all really are!! I was in Croatia a few years ago and loved it. I will make it to Serbia one day too. Life works in mysterious ways! I wish you the very best and hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog. 🙂 And I always love comments!! X


  10. So you have been to Balcans 🙂 It is so true that we are similar, it only requires some good will to see that… if you are coming to Serbia please let me know, there is much to experience …. Keep the smile and the good spirit …. All the best 🙂

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