A Good Ending to a Bad Morning.

This view at the beach cheered me up immensely.
This view at the beach cheered me up immensely.
I wrote a really tragic post yesterday, and I already feel guilty about sharing and baring my soul to the world. I needed to though, and I really appreciate the feedback and comments that came in, thank you.
You will be pleased to know that my bad day had a positive ending. After I lay on the couch somewhat paralysed by my mood, I stayed still, closed my eyes and allowed myself to rest. Slowly I regained my composure, and ideas started forming in my mind, once again.
My mojo began to return. Ideas came springing to life. I could do the gardening? I could change that hose I bought? I could fix the bathroom tap? I could paint? I could read? I could colour?
 “I could simply rest and enjoy my new space today.”
You see I am constantly trying to keep myself busy. This is what I do. Being busy is a human condition I think. I simply can not do nothing, not for too long anyway.
In the end I needed and really appreciated the forced indoor grounding I gave myself. I decided to stay in my new home and keep making it feel like my space, I need to own this new space and love my new environment. I will keep striving to make it perfect and the way I want it to be, to reflect positivity, good energy and lots of colour, of course.
With my eyes closed back on the couch, flashes of inspiration came to me. I suddenly became motivated and decided to do some gardening. I threw myself off the darn couch and got to it. I got the secateurs out from under the sink and started to vigorously prune unwanted branches to create more sunlight in my front garden. I set up my new hose and nozzle contraption. Then I replaced my shower head which had rusted out, so proud of completing that man job! It might be a little wonky but I did it myself!
Looking forward to seeing these in my garden soon!
Looking forward to seeing these in my garden soon!
Then I did some colouring…and then I remembered I had some seedlings to plant. So back I went to the garden and planted my basil, mint and sunflower seeds. I will look forward to the process of watching them grow and blossom. A bit like myself. I needed to feel at peace in the dark soil, getting grounded, earthed, making roots, ready to shoot into sunshine and shine bright again.
In the afternoon I met with my friend Sophie. She has become such a great friend of mine. We went for a nice big beach walk and I took lots of great new photos. This really cheered me up.
How could this crazy fun face not cheer me up!? haha! Laughing on the beach was so good for my soul.
How could this crazy fun face not cheer me up!? haha! Laughing on the beach was so good for my soul.
After a few games of Yahtzee, and a home cooked pumpkin soup, I was feeling human again. YES!!
Talk about all the emotions in one day. What started as a tumultuous and sad crazy morning, turned out to be a happy, elated and fun evening. Life is so crazy. As one of my readers saids “you have to learn to ride the waves” and I think I surfed a big one yesterday. Like a massive, pounding, monster of a tsunami or like one you get in Hawaii, where you look like you might die if you attempt to careen down the extreme high wave. But this time I made it. I made the ride and I rode that wave out.
Today is a new day, full of possibility and wonder and opportunity. Maybe I will pump those bike tyres up and go for a spin?!
I want to add that last night there was a mega full moon so I think I was lunar affected too. The moon most usually makes me feel pretty whacky. So let’s blame that.
This full moon had some colour so I picked it.
This full moon had some colour so I picked it. Photo credit
What do you do to get out of a funk?
Love Anita xx

8 thoughts on “A Good Ending to a Bad Morning.

  1. Oh yeah, I just had this massive slump, it was weird. I am pleased to say it has been onwards and upwards since. AND I am going ahead with my photo exhibition so that is very exciting. So I am in overdrive mode now getting this all organised, it is going to be fabulous! Wish you were to come and see it!! I will give you a virtual tour and post it to my “Live your Truth” page on Facebook, :)Thanks for keeping in touch! 🙂

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  2. Awesome! How exciting! Go you! I’m looking forward to your exhibition. Your photos are always stunning. I wish I could see them in person too. Why does there have to be such a big ocean in the way!?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know! But there are things called planes fortunately!! 🙂 I will have to send one to you if you love it!! 🙂 I will snap lots of pics once it is all happening. If there is one you love I will send it to you for a special bloggers price 😉 xx

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