Sobriety epiphany: Written from a Turkish mountainside.

It feels easier to gain clarity and perspective from places of beauty.
It feels easier to gain clarity and perspective from places of beauty.

Since I have stopped drinking my mind clarity and thought patterns have been so much clearer and better. I realise now that I was living in a fog, a cloudy drinking infused blur.

It has occurred to me recently that although most people do drink regularly, there are only a small percentage of people who abuse alcohol, and themselves daily. It is most definitely the minority.

Travelling has broadened my mind once again in the last 6 months. I have travelled widely around the world since I was 18, but have been particularly restless over the last 3 years. I like to keep on the move, flying, road trips, buses, cruises, paragliding, I really have been busy moving around.

I find when I move, my mind is clearer, as I move at a fast pace around the world like a roadrunner cartoon (think legs spinning furiously creating a huge ball of dust), I feel like my mind can process my thoughts, ideas and plans more efficiently when I move fast, faster the better. Think speeding on the Nullarbor in Australia, huge amount of clarity!

Since I have stopped drinking over the last 6 months, I have travelled around Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and Europe. I was pleased to meet many people who do not drink, or if they do, it was rarely. I did not feel like the odd one, and I did not feel like I was missing out on anything.

To be honest I enjoyed my early nights in the comforts of my home or temporary abode, and I also enjoyed reading a copious number of books, with the clarity of mind to remember them better and enjoy them sometimes late into the night.

I needed less sleep. I could survive on 4 hours at times. Of course I would have a longer sleep after a few days, but without hangovers, I really felt like maximising more of my awake time.

My Mum used to always complain about sleeping. She would always feel like it was a waste of time to sleep.

“Just imagine all the things you could do if you didn’t sleep?” She would say.

My Mum met a man once at one of her jobs, and he had a condition where he never slept. Maybe one or two hours a night he would rest lightly, maybe he was a vampire? Who knows, but Mum thought it was fantastic. He worked a day job and a night job, because he didn’t need to sleep! She was every envious of his abilities.

She would often stay up late into the night and rise early every morning. In fact I never saw my Mum sleep in, nor my Dad. They were both very energetic people, and they knew the morning was the most productive and best part of the day. I have learnt from their experience, I also value the early morning crisp fresh air, deathly silence only broken by a chirping bird.

Why do people want to live in oblivion? Why do people drink to forget their reality? Mainly because they do not like their reality and they do not want to deal with their problems. We all have issues to face, and trust me, alcohol does absolutely nothing towards making progress for life change and improvement.

The classic blue tiles in Turkey.
The classic blue tiles in Turkey.

I realise now after time, that many people live under this fog, an oblivious version of reality, and this is how the higher powers may like us to be. If people actually had the acuity to see what they were doing with their lives, imagine the progress and accomplishments we could all make? Alcohol keeps us numb and dumb, harsh I know, but when you really think about it, it is true. Some clarity can come from drinking, in moderate amounts, after a lengthy heart warming soul connected discussion with a good companion or the like, sure then we may make progress in our minds. But the motivation to take action towards previous nights good intentions, are usually sadly thwarted by morning, when it all seems too hard.

Sure it is hard to face reality sometimes. Life is full of challenges and issues, we all have to face, this is our human condition. But the reality is the sooner you face them, listen to yourself and follow your instincts, you will be so much better off.

Empowerment comes from following your intuition, following your heart, being true to yourself and doing what is best for you, with high consideration of your loved ones around you. You can not be responsible for other peoples happiness, yours alone is enough to deal with.

The views at Pammkale were very inspiring.
The views at Pammkale were very inspiring.

I wish you the very best in making empowering choices and changes. Life is full of opportunities to grow and evolve, look around you and decide how you want to live your life, to be happy, free, and satisfied you are making the very most of your precious life.

With love,
Anita xx

8 thoughts on “Sobriety epiphany: Written from a Turkish mountainside.

  1. You won’t believe Anita i never tasted alcohol till 25! i don’t know Why do people seem surprised when I tell them I’ve never tasted alcohol? recently when we got married and shifted to US then i tried beer. Trust me till the time it doesn’t matter to me, so many things happened but Alcohol is not the solution to it Right? why people get addicted to it? There are 100 other good ways of relaxation.

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  2. Another great read! Thanks for sharing your perspective on this new journey of yours. I’ve struggled for over a decade with moderation while consuming alcohol, and have found it’s only been in the last year or so, as I’ve been developing new avenues of creative focus and purpose in my life, that my battle with overconsumption has all but disappeared. Like you wrote, perhaps my perceived reality has been, until recently, something I wished to escape or avoid. Waking up on Sunday mornings energetic, with a clear mind, and a full(ish) bank account is well worth the change.

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  3. Thanks for your feedback! Yes giving up booze has opened up so many more creative pathways for me. I started this blog about the same time, and have written so much!!! I have made 100 posts to my blog! Thats crazy! I am certain I would not have had the same motivation if I had stayed with my daily drinking habits. Thanks for commenting, I hope you continue to enjoy my writing. 🙂 And good luck with giving up alcohol too! Who knows what the future will bring right? Hopefully it is bright and hangover free!

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  4. 100 posts is truly an impressive milestone, as is the journey down the path of sobriety. Bright and hangover free sounds like an ideal way for a future to be 🙂

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