Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Amazing sunrise leaving Perth.



Nerve wracking wonderful excitement.

It is the thrill of the unknown that I seek.

To be adventurous in this big wide world is a privilege enabled by a minority. I am proud to belong to this club. Where freedom is high, options are plenty and choices are unlimited. I believe in abundance, I believe in change and I believe in the power of taking action to fulfil dreams.

Taking action can be scary. Tears, trepidation, fear is healthy, fear is real, feel your fear and do it anyway.

I woke at 4am the morning of my trip rested and ready. I had not slept well recently and could not calm my racing mind. For once in weeks I woke to an adventurous dream. I was in Egypt at the place of the two monstrous heads, like in the 'Never ending story'. My friend Andy was there who I will be seeing in the UK. It was bizarre, but the feeling was good. Exciting, adventurous and fun. Those are the feelings I love, these are the feelings and experiences I chase.

I am obsessed with making the most of my life. Fulfilling my dreams, doing what I love to do, and collecting as many awesome memories and experiences along the way.

At the airport in Perth the morning of my departure, there was the most amazing sunrise giving me a very fond farewell. It was very tricky trying to capture it from behind the window at the departure lounge. I was mesmerised by my last minutes of wifi, alongside other phone addicted travellers; when I looked up I nearly gasped that I had not taken the time to witness natures morning glory. I wish I could have taken another 59 to get the angle quite right, you can see the sky is incredible. I really appreciate so many more sunrises and sunsets these days. It is so important to pull our attention away from our screens and more towards nature.

I look forward to sharing with you my journey as I take my next big trip around the globe. I start my journey in Vancouver Canada, returning to a city I lived in many years ago. I will then take a cruise to Alaska which will be fantastic! Then onto Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto to visit girlfriends. Next I fly to Iceland, the land of ice. I am really looking forward to the photography opportunities there. Then onto the UK where Manchester, west coast of UK and South Hampton are high on the list. Next I travel from London to Belgium on the Eurostar, then to Berlin, Germany and perhaps a few other towns in the south of Deutschland. Swiss Alps will get a look in and then onto the north of Italy, Venice and Lake Garde and Lake Como for a cycle tour and photo shoot ideally. Istanbul Turkey is my final place to visit and from there I will fly home to my home city of Perth.

It is going to be an epic trip! Lots of friends to see, lots of cities to explore, a million images to capture and many words to express. Now that I am on the plane awaiting the cabin doors to open and throw me into a new world, I am excited and proud of myself for being so bold and adventurous. I hope it inspires you to make positive changes in your life, to fulfil your dreams and believe that anything is possible.

So true right? Go out there and live your dreams!

With love,

Anit xx


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