Vancouver: Trout Lake Haven.

Cute little lake and exercise area right across the road!

Vancouver: Trout Lake Haven

Returning to Vancouver after so many years is always a joy. I lived here years ago studying at UBC and also visited a time after that, so I am no stranger to this awesome rocking city.

I arrived midday, jet lagged after 24 hours of travelling and a completely skewiff body clock, and made my way to the skytrain. Perth needs to get one of these immediately. A train at the airport makes so much sense. I made it to my Airbnb in no time and after trudging deliriously and sleep deprived through some random streets with my too heavy wheelie bag, I finally found my new little temporary home, 'Trout Lake Haven'.

Bright wild yellow irises, so cool!

After dumping my bags, settling in and connecting to wifi, super crucial, I made my way across to the lake to explore. I was pleased to see my new exercise area, green and lush, a neat little pond and bike/jogging path. Wild yellow irises nestled in and around the lake edge with plenty of divine big green trees, I was happy to be back in nature.

On the edge of this lake is a community centre, with a sports centre, ice skating rink, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, an art centre and a playground. I was so impressed! Plenty of fun things for kids and adults to do, I was disappointed the ice rink was out of season, grey cement rather than pearly white ice. Regardless of no ice I was very inspired! What a great community concept, wow Perth really needs to catch up!

Ze lake. Probably too cold to swim...
Big lush green trees. Joy.

I had a simple tea of frozen berries, after raiding the freezer. I had no energy to explore my new neighbourhood any further and decided I needed to rest more than eat dinner or go to the shops. I managed to stay awake until 830pm then with heavy eyelids, fell immediately to sleep.

Red poppy to greet me as I arrived at my new Airbnb.

Boom, 130am, awake. Awesome. Love jet lag. I hear the rain falling on the roof and nearby trees, welcome to rainy Vancouver.

I have already begun to map out my next few days filled with day trips and fun activities, I am looking forward to sharing them with you!

Over and out… 257am…crappy jet lag!

Anita xx



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