Go with the flow.

As good a title as any, I feel compelled to write, it has been a while. I continue to write letters to friends worldwide which scratches that writing itch, but the blog is certainly more cathartic, more rewarding, squeezing out the final squelch of word expression without limitation.

When given boundaries and limitations on writing, or agendas, I clam up. I can barely put a sentence together. But here, it flows like a dancer on a stage. No limits. If I could play you that song right now I would. I loved that hit in the 90’s.

So the year is steaming ahead, like a runaway train, with no particular destination in mind. I am a big planner, dreamer, goal setter, but I find myself in a lull of indecision, not sure which direction to face next. For now I plan to simply enjoy exactly where I am. A new feeling this staying still malarky. I am well known to escape at any whisper of an opportunity. Most people greet me with “How long have you been back?” or “Where are you off to next?”, knowing there is always a trip planned. Well thanks for asking, there is actually a few trips I have planned for coming months. But as for after that, like the big picture stuff, who bloody knows. It is all a mystery. 

Ideally I would like to go live overseas again. I think. Ideally with someone, but hey I would go solo, not letting the desires of partnership to limit me. No limits. Perhaps another overseas teaching experience could be fun? I have also been dreaming up a potential European vacation midyear. You know, anything is possible.

My next adventure is planned for Coral Bay. I am heading north with some friends and we are planning to swim with the whale sharks, go snorkelling, chill out, enjoy some country serenity, and do all the fun stuff. Whale shark swimming is high on the bucket list and finally one dream is coming to fruition. Love that. 

I am also booked to go to Tasmania in September. I plan to travel around as much as I can and explore forest, lakes and mountains. Art, gardens and galleries and markets are also high on the list. It has been a number of years since I have been to Tassie, I was so impressed by it last time so I look forward to more exploring. 

What is one thing on your dream bucket list that you could make a reality this year? Do you even have a bucket list? I read some thing recently about writing down 300 things that you want in your life. Try it, it is more challenging than you can imagine to think of that many things that you want. For me it is not so much wanting THINGS but more having EXPERIENCES. Since my immediate family have passed away, I have been quite obsessed with making the very most of my life. To be fair, I have kind of always been compelled to maximise all opportunities, say yes to all adventures, and have a jam packed interesting life. 

I am back doing relief teaching again, and I must say it has been great to get back to my base school. I have been teaching in the same place since 2007, on and off. In between taking contracts around the state, overseas and travelling. I feel lucky to be a crucial part of the team in such a great school. Everything feels so familiar and comfy. It is a real comfort zone there for me. For now it is the perfect solution until a better option presents itself. Watch this space. I am always looking out for opportunities. Sometimes it is nice just to sit back and revel in what is working out well right now right in front of you. The grass is very green right here. I have a beautiful garden that I love nurturing. I am always working on growing more trees and creating more beauty in my garden. I am currently working on developing the front garden now, as I have virtually maxed out most available space in the back garden. Short of pulling up a few pavers, which may be on the cards, I need to resist the urge to plant more! Always hard. I love trees and plants. I will have to do a hard cut back in Autumn/Winter to limit my trees from outgrowing their small space. 

Thanks for being a loyal reader. I do love to write. If any of my readers abroad would be interested in a postcard exchange please let me know in the comments. I am happy to send cards to the first 5 people who are keen! Hopefully you can send me one back! 🙂 

Anita xx


6 thoughts on “Go with the flow.

  1. Hi Anita,
    Not sure when was the first time I subscribed to your blog, my guess is more than 5 years ago. Your writing is a breath of fresh air, especially since I myself found me living away from a home I had known all my life seven years ago. I find your description of experiences especially traveling, art making, writing, gardening, and reflecting on life so fascinating. I’d love to exchange cards with you.
    Love Niloofar
    Southern California, USA

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  2. Ohh thanks so much!! I am so glad my writing brings you so much joy. I look fwd to writing cards with you 🙂 Please send me your address I can send you the first one? Anitaozo@hotmail.com
    Email me your address so its more private if you like.
    Thanks and I will be in touch soon! X


  3. Another year gone by and I’m feeling a little better about things. I’m still exploring and trying new things, but I’m also more content and satisfied with my life. 2023 has been a great year for me so far!

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