A new comfort zone

I am taking cosy to the next level. It involves velvet, candles, colours, flowers, and art. For so long I wanted to embrace this cosy concept, getting hygge with it, and essentially feel more grounded in my own space. And for once in my life I am getting there! I am finally getting there! 

Some alcohol ink art I did recently.

It started last year. I was working in the south west in a small country town called Ravensthorpe. I loved my job, a short term little gig in a  great little school teaching art, but I was conflicted in so many ways. I was going through a tricky tumultuous time with a lover, I had no sense of place having just returned from up north, I kept pulling the rug out from under myself, displacing myself, thirsty for adventure but craving peace and serenity at the same time. It was a very confusing period in my life. I cried a lot. And felt very anguished and dissatisfied about a lot of things really. One whole year on, I feel so much better. I continued to move around incessantly last year, looking externally for solutions to my problems, and yet although I resolved the issues of financial security and adventure, I was completely disgruntled with my inner peace. The life of a adventurous person has it’s hazards and drawbacks my friends! Although I am compelled to run on many occasions to keep exploring this big wide fabulous world, I currently find myself pulling back, tucking in at home, resting and feeling rejuvenation from stability and the serenity that comes from things being consistent and staying the same. Arghh, what a relief. I breathe more easily, no longer anxious about what to do next, for now anyway. 

A beautiful silver princess from my new workplace surrounds.

I guess I share this juicy insight because being comfortable in our own skin is so important in life. Resisting the need for constant external gratification, looking inwards, and finding solace in our routines and creature comforts is great. It is calming, it is cosy, and it feels like some roots are burrowing in deep again at Chappie street, my home. The other day I was snuggled up on the couch in a velvet ensemble, with soft rug, mug of hot tea, rain outside, salt lamp on, and a movie for attention, wow, cosy come at me!!!

I have been back to the beach again weekly, and it has just been so perfect. Taking walks and swims weekly again is part of my new regular routine. Perth really is a beautiful city. On days like today, I remember why I love living here. Crystal clear aqua blue water, fresh and nipply but delicious all at the same time! 

I went and bought some more mosaic tiles after that, I have developed quite the obsession for mosaicing things!! I will share some photos of my recent designs. 

Cosy is a feeling that can come and go, it can swing to uncomfortable quite quickly too. I get these feelings where I just feel so out of whack, restless, itchy almost but not itchy, where nothing really calms me down. I have worked out that deep breaths help, exercise helps, doing all the good things, you know?? Even cleaning the house and getting things back in order definitely helps too. Not sure why I get feelings like this, but I can tell you, I don’t like it. Getting outside in my garden and getting fresh air in nature always helps too. What do you do to shake these uncomfortable feelings? 

Life is shifting once again at a rapid pace. Sometimes it appears to be doing nothing, then boom, everything is different again. That’s okay, that’s life right? This too shall pass. And this too shall change. Everything is always changing, evolving, moulding, shift shaping into a new reality. I have been home in Perth for over 6 months now, that is almost a record! In the past number of years I have only been back home usually for a few months before I hook off on another adventure. Sometimes when I bump into people, the catchphrase is “Where are you off to next?” or “I thought you would be up north again by now?”, funny isn’t? I know I am hard to keep track of, trust me even I wonder where I am sometimes! I still have adventures planned for the future, but now it feels like it will be going back to places I loved. Maybe Darwin or Broome, or even taking a teaching job on Christmas or Cocos Island would be a cool experience. The good thing about life is there are always new things coming around the corner.

My favourite place to swim, where I swim every Saturday!

It is cooling down in Perth now. I had the heater on last night for the first time this season. I am so glad I installed the air-con last year, no more freezing cold winters for me! I am all about the cosy warm glowing evenings in now. But am I ready for a cat yet? That is the next level of home permanence that I don’t think I am quite ready for yet! Although a cat would definitely add to my cosy vibes. 

Hope this finds you well, and hope you have enjoyed my little update. Please feel free to say hello, I love to hear from my readers!

Anita xx

8 thoughts on “A new comfort zone

  1. Hello Anita, good to read your update. It took me a long time to settle into my comfort zone. A cat or two really helps but they are quite a responsibility. Might be going to Latvia later this year to visit the relatives, I always feel comfortable over there.

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  2. That sounds great! I hope I get back to Europe soonish too. Which city do they live in? My Grandma was from Kuldiga and my Dad from Riga.
    Yes the all elusive comfort zone, it comes and goes doesnt it? Lol!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Would love to go this summer if I can find a cattery, so many have closed due to the pandemic. Think my sister is going at the end of July. It would be lovely to visit Riga again, one of my favourite cities.

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