The One Outfit

I dont know about you but I do this really crazy thing where I get obsessed with the one outfit. Perhaps it is the easiest of options, you know it works, you love it, or quite simply, you just don’t actually mind breaking the faux par rule of wearing the same thing for a few days in a row!

I read this book once about a girl who travelled to Europe with no bags, and wore only the same dress and cardigan for a month. She had a spare pair of knickers in her small handbag and I think that was it. Impressive right!? Now these are the kind of goals I am aim for! Clearly she would have to be travelling to only one place, or at least one climate. She went further and didn’t have any accomodation booked either, winging it with couch surfing and the occasional hostel. She was either super kooky or bloody clever! Do you remember back to your travel days, I know so long ago, dragging those ridiculously large suitcases across those pebble stone paths in Europe, thinking to yourself, FOOL! I will bring a back pack next time! Or maybe, just a handbag with knickers! I think this book was called ‘No Baggage’ if you are so inclined to read such an inspirational travel memoir. 

I have travelled fairly extensively, even lived abroad in Canada, Middle East, Central America, and worked all over Australia, and still after all this I am quite shite at packing. I make the classic mistake of packing too much and not wearing any of it. Leading to my main point of this piece; the one outfit. 

Recently I drove up to Geraldton and leaving my packing to the last minute, I packed only a small case, but a few options. And proudly, I wore the same linen dress all day, everyday. And I loved it. YES! I vow to literally only pack a toothbrush and swimmers next time. Bugger it, I could wear the swimmers underneath the dress! Winning!

Why are we so obsessed with wearing different things all the time? If you like something then wear it all the time I say. As long as it is clean…I have had some of my dresses in excess of 5 years and still wear them frequently. I love op shopping but also like to be minimal so I love going through my wardrobe and decluttering monthly. There is nothing better than making a few bags for the op shop, well there are a few things better but you know what I mean.

There are a few people around the globe who claim to wearing the same thing everyday. They say it saves brain power, by reducing your choices, and it just makes things a hell of a lot easier, standing there in your knickers deciding what the best outfit for the day will be based on mood, weather, and the position of the moon. It sounds a bit dull though doesn’t it? I knew a guy awhile back who used to only wear bamboo t-shirts, and cargo pants. Boom, uniform solved. For my next question if you were forced to wear only one thing what would it be? 

I also remember reading an article about a teacher who to make a point about anti-fast fashion, super slow fashion I guess, wore the same dress to school to teach in everyday. Now I know that does sound monotonous, but she was making a point. And damn she must have loved that dress. Imagine how much money we would save if we all just had a much smaller range of clothing? Heaps!

I know, one outfit I hear you cry. It is ludicrous isn’t it? Can you say you have been obsessed with the one outfit and worn it to its death? That reminds me of another story of a backpacking friend who was throwing away loads of clothes she had worn a lot in her year in Australia, before flying home to the UK. I had another friend staying with me at the time, a couch surfing buddy. She is awesome and I learnt a lot from her. She loved free stuff. Like LOVED it. And she even did one of those medical trials once where they pay you $5000 to spend 2 weeks in a lab getting jabbed, and trialling new medicines. She thought it was the best thing ever, free internet, free food, free bed, and you got paid at the end of it! Winning! Simple things in life. Anyway, back to my clothing story, she nabbed about 10 items of clothing that my friend was throwing out, and quite honestly I still see pictures of her wearing these clothes, like 6 years later. Now that is thrifty. She is also a homeowner and probably has stashes of cash. Bloody clever! 

Decluttering for me is one of the most therapeutic things you can do. Going through all your things and having a good cull is awesome. Make some bags for the salvos, give some things away, sell a few things here and there and you will find the energy really shifting in your home from old to new, from dusty to new life potential. For me I see everything as energy. I know I am going to get kooky here. I shift furniture around, I love cleaning out behind big pieces of furniture, all that dust and crud and half dead cockroaches, sweep it all up and start fresh. I next need to tackle my linen cupboard, one thing I have a lot of are sheets and doona covers. Slight obsessions with doona covers. I know, we all have a weakness right! 

I hope this piece of writing has inspired you to have a good clear out. And to not worry so much about the diversity of your wardrobe. If you love a piece of clothing in your wardrobe, wear it my friend. Wear it to death. Wear that goodness on repeat. I know I sure will. And I know that thrifty friend of mine will, so that makes 2 of us! 

Here is to throwing things out! 

Here is to re-gifting!

Here is to not buying so much crap you do not need!

Here is to op shopping!

Here is to stop spending money on needless crap.

Here is to that special one outfit that you love, and that yes, you can wear on repeat. 

Anita. XOX  Hugs are free.

Here is to writing about knickers as many times as I want. 

8 thoughts on “The One Outfit

  1. What is funny, is that just yesterday, I was thinking to myself about the fact that I really only rotate four shirts in my closet. I love them because they are a soft cotton, and that’s all I’ve basically worn for the past two years. And given that most of the time I’m not doing a lot of moving around, each one would get at least a two to three day run. I still have a very hard time parting with things, though! I’ll have to give it another try and see what I can part with. 🙂

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  2. I hear you loud and clear Anita. I have 4 pairs of the same pants that I live in throughout the week while home schooling my son. They’re comfy, I can pair any kind of top with them, I can do housework, gardening or yoga in them, I just love them. I do have a lovely every day dress that I’m living in at the moment when the weather gets too hot and I love it. A few years ago I bought a gorgeous dress that I did wear to death lol it lasted me almost 4 years and it was no sooner washed and dried and back on my body. I’ve always been a wear something for a few days kind of person providing it’s still clean and I think that comes from my childhood. While we had multiple clothes to choose from my mum always subscribed to the idea that if it’s not dirty it’ll do for the next day. So my sisters and I grew up always wearing the same thing twice as long as it was clean. And besides, it actually saves on the amount of washing you have to do at the end of the week…..apart from all those knickers that is 🙂

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  3. So true!!! You know I knew another lady awhile back and she never wore the same dress twice, AND she never wore knickers! I should have added her story to this blog! Lol.

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  4. She never wears any underwear! And she is in her 70s!! So radical! She was a new dress every day kind of lady and addicted to fashion/accessories and makeup! I loved her! So different from me but inspiring in her bold confidence.

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