Magical Broome: Horizontal Falls

Recently I was very privileged to take an amazing trip to Broome and explore more of Western Australia. I am a very proud Aussie and seeing more of our beautiful colour contrasting landscapes, made me feel even prouder. Too many people fly off overseas for a holiday, but really, do you know what is in your own backyard?


I decided to go on an epic day tour with Horizontal Falls Adventures. It was an expensive tour, but honestly worth every minute. The places we went to in the Kimberley’s are only accessible by sea plane or boat; plus learning about the region by their very capable pilots and guides made the experience incredible.

You can see the tidal changes in the rock face.

We started out super early, pick up around 5.30am, and straight to the airport, for an early morning sea plane ride over the falls. I was lucky to score the co-pilot position enabling the best view of all. Within an hour, we were flying over the falls, then landing smoothly onto the open water, by my super talented female pilot Tonia. She really was so talented, I felt very safe with her; and she manoeuvred the aircraft like a champion. I was very impressed with her skills, and honestly did not even feel the take off or the landing!

Once on board the house boat, we were treated to a tasty bacon and egg breakfast, and continental options. After that we were straight over to the shark cage to feed the Torny Sharks. Around five them swam around and whipped their tales around in the cage, sucking up globs of fish as they were chucked to them. An impressive shark, and so interesting to be so close to them. Removing the fear was a positive thing, however you would not want to fall into the tank!


Next we were invited onto a large smooth hover type speed boat, for a fast jet boat ride across the river and through the falls. We passed through both sections of the narrow opening, adrenaline fuelled trips the first few times, from the front seat it was nerve wracking! The skipper was very professional, and although the trip was thrilling I felt safe.

After the boat ride we were taken up once again in the seaplane to the next leg of the tour; One Arm Point. Flying over beautiful views of river on low tide, the hues of blues were incredible, and really the best way to see this part of the natural world.

From One Arm Point we were taken to a place where they had big tanks of fish, barramundi, octopus, monkey fish, clown fish, all sorts! It was great to see the fish up close and learn from the very informative aboriginal host. She was very chatty and gave us many stories. I even saw a fish spitting out of the water for food! Who knew a fish could spit??

Lunch was next and wow was it great! Perched on the edge of the ocean, aqua blue water, and red orange rocks as a contrast, we delved into a fresh feed of barramundi. The best piece of fish I have eaten in a long time, all making the experience even more worthwhile.

Red rocks at Cape Leveque.

We then had a swim in the bay, pink rocks hugged the shore, and warm but refreshing salty water greeted us as we all dove in, ready to cool off.


Revitalised from our ocean swim, we were ready for the next part of our journey. Beagle Bay was up next, and the main attraction at this small community was to visit a pristine white church built by interned Germans during the second world war. I was so impressed by their building design, their ingenuity, and their tenacity at obviously a difficult time in history. So typically German, even though they were imprisoned, they were productive! ‘Let’s build a church and reflect all the natural elements of the area’! It really is a beautiful  church and a real highlight for me. Full of colour, and bright stained glass, pearl shells were used as a repetitive feature and looked beautiful.

Overall the day trip out to Horizontal Falls was an absolute highlight of my trip to Broome. I was so pleased I spent the extra money to explore more of our beautiful state, it really was money well worth spent to enjoy a lifetime experience.

I highly recommend taking a day trip with Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures!

Stay tuned for two more blogs about my trip to Broome, more epic photos to come!

Anita xx

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