Inspiring Ideas.

This blog is about some cool things I have come across lately that are spiking my interest! I realise in the last few months how much creative energy I have, and how much creative energy I have available now to pour into my new home. I am thoroughly enjoying creating a beautiful home, full of art, colour, warmth, flowers, plants, love and goodness. And I look forward to sharing it with you my friends, and future friends I will make.

Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia is a very talented Chilean textile artist, working with colour and fabrics. I love this and will try to make something like this myself in the near future.

I am buying more and more plants! I simply can not help myself! I have a plant/flower addiction! But it could be a lot worse right? Flowers and greenery boost my energy and give me very positive energy back. I love the simplicity of gardening and the peace and serenity I can create in my very own back yard. I know in time to come it will grow more and more into a lush, green and floral paradise.

I have just realised how easy it would be to grow a bougainvillea in a pot! I have already planted two of these luscious beauties in my backyard, but keeping them contained in a pot may be a very good idea. The combinations of these bright pinks and reds I think looks amazing.

Anya Brock continues to be one of my most favourite artists. I have three of her pieces and I look forward to purchasing more and having her lovely art in my home. Here are some more favourites of mine:

I have also stumbled across another artist recently from Hahndorf in Adelaide. Her name is Zinnia King and you can find her on Instagram. I came across her artwork from the Avant Card range and I LOVE HER! Here are some of her lovely illustrations I have fallen in love with. A strong Australian animal theme adding in our native flowers, so creative, colourful and interesting.


And there you have a few things offering me inspiration right now. I hope they serve to give you some good creative ideas too!

What is inspiring you lately?

Anita xx


3 thoughts on “Inspiring Ideas.

  1. Gosh, reading about bougainvillea reminds me of my grandmother’s, it’s at least twice as tall as I am! (Even though that’s not saying much). And I agree, Anya Brock’s art is lovely, we are very lucky to have some pieces scattered around the city. Thank you for the inspiring artwork!

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  2. Oh you are very welcome Davis! So pleased you are inspired by it! I love a good bogain! The colours are amazing…I have painted my fence a dark blue so looking for the right pop of colour as a contrast! I will have to photograph the results! Xx


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