I missed the boat…

Last night, at time of writing, I had the most perplexing dream. I missed the boat! Not once but 3 times! Strange but true! I woke wondering what it all meant.  I often have really visual dreams, my subconscious trying to find its way through all that murkiness, like a fish swimming through weed, where is the coral? Lol.

Illustration by Enkel Dika. Ocean and boat dreams are pretty common. I love the swirly lines and lovely shades of blue.

Not only did I miss the boat, I missed it 3 times!! I was in Rottnest Island, a quaint place just offshore 20km from Perth. I was planning to get the morning ferry, and quite literally as I went to step onto the ferry, it moved away from the shore and left. I missed the boat.

I was quite upset about this, and flustered. I remember thinking it was quite odd. I then scurried around trying to book the next boat. After an hour or so, and some adventure, I realised this one was fully booked, we were too late to get the tickets, I was going to miss this one too. Finally there was an evening boat which was a guarantee, according to the boat guy. I am not sure if I even made that one to be honest, as I woke up by this point! But seriously!? How could I have missed all those boats?

The most obvious answer or interpretation perhaps is a missed opportunity. But nothing seems obvious. Have I missed the boat on marriage, kids and house buying? Maybe these are the deeper fears? Who knows! I dare say I don’t think I have missed this trifecta just yet, life continues to surprise me the older I get and who knows what could be around the corner?

What perplexing dreams have you had lately?

Feel free to interpret!

Anita xx

Yours in crazy dreams!


4 thoughts on “I missed the boat…

  1. Could it be you’ve saw the same dream repeated? Like a deja vu. I’ve had a few of those, although usually not at the same night, but months or years later, when I’d realize within a dream I’ve seen it already or it’s a continuation.

    Regarding my own crazy dreams, then any time I sense danger in my dreams I literally fly away. Just, you know, go up in the air and fly away. I’ve come to the conclusion that I most likely become half-awake and then guide the dream into safer havens and then sleep on. Or it just means I’m running from my fears.

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  2. Getting in a boat is definitely akin to taking a journey in your life. You talk about your trifecta – possibly something you may need to explore some more.
    Did the boat have anything distinctive about it? Color, shape or familiarity about it as this could also give some clues as to what/why you may have missed it.

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  3. It was a non descript ferry. I didn’t pay or feel much attention towards the vessel it was more the anxiety or frustration or bewilderment that I managed to miss it so many times! Quite funny!


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