Beach house holiday

It is always nice to know people who have holiday homes, and one near the beach is a particular bonus! I was lucky to be invited along for an over night stay with a friend of mine and her grand kids, and wow, we had a ball.

The magical stretch of coast near Yanchep, one hour north of Perth.

We ventured north only an hour or so from Perth, past new development sites and entire new residential areas. Perth is really exploding in growth in every direction, the Northern beaches stretch a particular favourite, if you don’t mind commuting. But a beach house, an hour from Perth, now that is a whole new concept of awesome.

Our time was mainly spent enjoying the local beach. Donning our snorkels, we gingerly clambered into the cool coast, soon enjoying the sparkling clear water, and many darting white fish near the reef shelf. Snorkelling is a new favourite activity of mine. I find it very peaceful, calming and enjoyable. And it always blows my mind how many fish are in the spots we usually swim, not previously seen with the naked eye.

The water was so lovely and clear, perfect for snorkelling and swimming. We also saw a bird capture an octopus from this reef!

So much sea, sand, sun and salt made us all feel rejuvenated, relaxed and very hungry! I enjoyed my voracious appetite eating more than I normally do at home. We had simple meals of chicken and salad, and muesli for breakfast, all healthy options.

In the last year or so I have developed an interest in games. I love them! Rummi-kub has become one of my favourites, and I was overjoyed when I sprung open the games cupboard (yes there was an entire cupboard devoted to games) to discover my very favourite game. My friend had played the game for years with her children, claiming that particular set was at least 20 years old. Judging from the old school photo on the front in classic 70’s clothes, make-up and hair (sorry I didn’t get a photo), her estimation was spot on!

I love to admire nature, and especially sunsets. The one night we had up there, we were lucky to be presented with a magical sunset. I managed to take a few photos. I love the variety of colours and patterns, you will never see the same sunset!

This was like a fire in the sky! Amazing colours, I loved it!

After many hours spent playing Rummi-king (as they called it in the 70’s), we also played cricket at the park, and talked up a storm. It is so nice to get away even for a night and a few days, and experience that ‘holiday feeling’. I was sad to leave after only one night, I was really getting into the swing of things. I think if I play my cards right (or my rummy tiles!), I may just get invited again.

Cheers to summer holidays, blissful relaxation, good company and lots of snorkelling adventures!

Where have you been on your summer holidays?

Anita xx



4 thoughts on “Beach house holiday

  1. That looks to be a beautiful spot. I’m glad you are having so much fun and are relaxing. We are a board game playing family so we have a massive cupboard full of games. Oddly though Rummy-kub is not among them.

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