My Latvian Passport

I am really excited to share some good news. Recently the Latvian government have changed their citizenship laws and are now allowing dual citizenship. This means that if you are of Latvian descendent, like me, and possibly you reading this article, we can be citizens of Latvia and have passports!

This also means perhaps another trip to Latvia! I would like to explore the countryside this time a little more, as last time I spent a lot of time in central Riga. Cities are good, but I think the countryside is where the soul of a country can be felt.

A friend of mine recently shared a Latvian folk song which literally made me cry. It was upbeat and fun, but had a moving energy, a sombre glow, a hopeful ring, it was hard to explain, but all that emotion made me cry. I want to hunt down more Latvian folk singing and hear them play, that would be fun.

Have a listen here: Latvian Folk Music


This is what the countryside looks like in Latvia, apparently. I would like to go there and photograph it for myself! 🙂 I will be more than happy to share my images with you in my future blogs so stay tuned for that!

Having an EU passport really opens many new doors for me. I am at a point in my life where I can do anything and go anywhere, literally. I have no ties here in Perth and I am not attached to work, a partner, or family. It feels sad at times, but I can also look at it as an immense level of freedom, which some people may never experience. So I should make the most of this ultimate liberation. My choices are over whelming!

I would like to learn more about Latvian culture, and return to my Fathers homeland for a period of time. Travel around and explore and see what comes up. With a passport, this means I can now work in all EU countries and live without restriction, so that is exciting. Previously this was a dream! Now it is becoming a reality, so that is really wonderful.

Latvian countryside looks very beautiful. Lots of pretty flowers, and being on the Baltic sea, it would be interesting to see many different types of flora and fauna. 


So I will keep you posted on my progress with my new Latvian Passport. And if you have a Latvian heritage, then look into the possibility of obtaining a passport for yourself. Then let’s meet in Riga!

Anit xx





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