Top Travel Tips for Solo Women.

This beautiful woman representing a solo traveller. Painting by talented Michelle Gilks.
This beautiful woman representing a solo traveller. Painting by talented Michelle Gilks.

Recently I have returned from a massive world trip galavanting all around the globe. I am now 36 and have travelled extensively around the world since the age of 18. I mostly travel by myself, and wanted to compile  a helpful list of tips for those wanting some solo travel advice. I hope you find it useful!
1. Be organised. Number one rule! Always be a step ahead of yourself. Pre-book your accommodation and travel arrangements, do not leave things to the last minute to find yourself stranded and without a roof over your head to sleep.
2. Be early. Arrive early for all transport connections, you do not want to miss your flights, it could be a costly mistake. Plus I find you can then relax more during the transits, knowing you are not rushing and feeling anxious.
3. Never arrive late at night. This could be a dangerous mistake. If you have not pre-booked accommodation, then you do not want to be wandering around late at night looking for a place to stay. You might be lucky and stumble across this beautiful place below, but you might also encounter unwanted danger.

Although you could camp in this location, you should still arrive during the day. I wanted to add this beautiful image. Excellent night time scenery, photo credit:
Although you could camp in this location, you should still arrive during the day. I wanted to add this beautiful image. Excellent night time scenery, photo credit. 

4. Use your intuition. Instincts are always strong, and often right. Listen to the first voice in your head, you will know if a person or situation is dangerous, if you should make a change or if things are okay.
5. Talk to people but use your intution to know if their intentions are good or not.

6. Be friendly. It is good to be open to meeting new people, you may just end up travelling together for the day or longer.
7. Never stay out late on your own. And avoid walking home in the quiet and dead of night streets. Sorry to say but this is the most likely time you could find yourself in danger.
8. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Travelling solo and being wasted is not only unattractive, it’s dangerous. Letting your guard down could invite rape or kidnapping or murder. It can happen. Being under the influence means you are not sharp or aware, and could make poor choices. Yes it could be fun, but it could also put you in a very compromising position.

So much booze!!
So much booze!! Sure might be fun but could have a potentially very dangerous ending.

9. Try and connect with other travellers, ideally locals for day trips and excursions, this will be a more rewarding experience.
10. Pay for organised tours. They really are very cost effective and a great way to meet new people and explore a place with a guide and be in the comfort of a group. The tours I have taken are so factual too, you really do learn so much more from a local guide than if you wander around aimlessly on your own.
11. Do the local walking tours. Mostly these are free or pay by donation. I have found them to be interesting and valuable and often you can meet other people for a continued day out in company.

12. Contraception! Travel hook-ups are frequent and most likely to happen as you meet new and interesting and sexy new people on your way. Make sure you are prepared and always carry a condom in your purse, you never know your luck!

13. Pack some cards or a simple game to play with new friends that you will meet along the way. Always good to be able to play a game, the best thing about travelling is that you end up watching very little television, and in turn enjoy more free time.

I hope you liked my tips on travelling solo. I sound like a party pooper I know, but to be honest when you travel by yourself you really have to have your wits about you. Keep clear, keep sharp and keep aware. If you slip up, no one else is there to help you, so be sure to be organised, be smart and travel safe.

Love Anita xx

What is your best travel tip for our fellow solo sister travellers?

10 thoughts on “Top Travel Tips for Solo Women.

  1. Some trips lots, other trips not at all. Always great to meet new people and play a game! 🙂 So many good international simple games too like ‘Bullshit’ or ‘Rummy’. Uno is also good and easy!

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  2. I dont feel questioned about my choices, no different to a man travelling solo. The problem is trying to sync in with others who can equal time, money, freedom and place debate! I love travelling solo but it is always a bonus to travel with others too 😉


  3. Hi Anita, nice article.
    We travel together being 2 female travelers and I think that your top about following your intuition is second to none!
    As far as games, cards can get wet or damaged: I pack 5 dices to play yams (or Yahtzee)! Pretty fun too!

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  4. These are all great tips! I love to stay in hostels that have games ready to play, but if they aren’t available I almost always have a pack of cards handy. For me the most important part of traveling as a solo woman is to always plan ahead so I have a place ready to stay that first night, a map to get to that place (or at least detailed directions), and a little background about the local culture.

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