Manchester: UK Part 1

A lovely bright and aromatic rose from the garden.
With pride, I managed to sleep the entire 2 hours of my flight from Iceland to Manchester. After only 4 hours the night before, I slept the hour commute on the bus to the airport, then the entire journey in the plane, it sure is handy to be able to sleep on demand as a busy traveller.
My good friend Andy came to collect me at the arrivals, which is always a treat. Our first stop was the Trafford shopping centre. What an impressive shopping centre! Massive in size, it is designed like a cruise ship with a pool and timber bannisters and everything, for a minute I had my Alaskan Cruise flashback!
We shopped around for a few things, everything was so enticing to buy, but I had to limit myself; I already had a jammed overloaded suitcase. We made it back to his abode, where he lived with his parents, who were lovely. After a good chat and catch up, we were out again for a local tour including Hartshead Pike, a very scenic lookout. Dinner was held at a local Indian restaurant, I am pretty sure we ordered nearly everything they had! After a yummy feast and full bellies it was almost time for bed, and a well earned rest.
Roger the rabbit, Andys pet!
Roger the rabbit, Andys pet!
I went for great jog first thing in the morning, aiming to burn off the previous nights overindulgence. I almost got lost on the way back, all the houses look so similar here! After my mini Alzheimer’s moment, I made it back and completed my workout with some stretches and some hand weights. I am enjoying keeping up my fitness as I travel, there are always so many work out options wherever I go.
A fairytale image of old England.
A fairytale image of old England.
Back to the Trafford centre we then went; my friend was keen to buy a new Apple phone. And I was keen to keep exploring such a cool shopping centre. I fell in love with the Victoria Secret store, especially their fitness clothing range. Oh, so many awesome things to buy in there! I had to make a speedy exit, otherwise too many things would be bought!
In the afternoon we started our road trip, first stop Lancaster. We meandered through the leafy green lanes of Northern England and stopped at a garden centre and then made our way to downtown Lancaster. A cute university town, we walked around then inner city streets and had coffee at Esquires; I can highly recommend the Americano (long black) with coconut syrup.
We then drove on to our Bed and Breakfast for the night, a very cute little place with a homey and warm feel. Middle Holly Cottage, is situated 15 minutes out of Lancaster in amongst more green leafy goodness. Andy and Gill were very friendly hosts, and with homemade treats scattered through out the premise, I was pretty impressed. Home made chocolates greeted us in the fridge; and Anzac cookies were a nice Aussie touch. Our room was very clean and well presented; a big step up from the cruddy place Andy and I had stayed in when we went on a trip together back in Alice Springs. It was fun to be on the road travelling again; and nice to share the travelling experience with Andy and his lovely Mum and Dad.
Next stop: Wales!!
Anita xx

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