Travelling Sober

This will be my first holiday without Alcohol. I will admit I am a little nervous. It started on the plane. The drinks trolley. I used to love nothing more than those free mini drinks they hand out so unsuspiciously. But this time I quite calmly and with full resolve ordered a soda water. Easy.

I am travelling to Alice Springs to go on a camping trip out to Uluru. It’s going to be fantastic! This is a bucket list dream of mine for years and I am all about making my dreams a reality so here I am. Early start tomorrow for 445am, dawn drive head start to get out to Uluru and explore all the amazing near by sites.

I have always loved travelling and have moved extensively all around the globe since I was 17. My first trip abroad was to Vancouver Canada where I studied on exchange at UBC. This ignited my passion for travel and I have taken big trips away and also lived overseas since this time. I think travel is one of the best things we can do in life. It really teaches you so much about yourself, about other people and about how the world works.

I love the perspective change that comes from travelling. It can often propel you into a new mindset and as I feel take you up a level or so within yourself. I must admit for the first time I was hesitant to take this trip. I feel like I have established a really great healthy and committed routine to exercise and work and I am enjoying my life right now. I will be honest, I was reluctant to leave my awesome routine behind. I knew that I could be different again by the time I returned, but hopefully I will evolve upwards and for the better.

When we travel we meet other like minded people and it really makes me realise how similar we all are and how easily connected we can be. I love to hear other people’s stories and see and hear how they live and what they are passionate about. You can learn so much from complete strangers, and there is something really authentic and honest about this. Already today I chatted to some new people and enjoyed hearing their stories.

I met an American couple who worked at the military base near Alice. They had been living out there for over 2 years and seemed to really enjoy the experience of living in one of Australia’s remotest towns. My friend and I went into town for some groceries and for dinner. We were told to taxi home as the road was unsafe especially for the unsuspecting tourist. We couldn’t find a taxi anywhere so I got chatting to this lovely lady who worked as a rural nurse here. She actually drove over 100km to get to where she worked. She loved her job as a nurse and found it very rewarding and really wanted to stay living here. Lucky for us she drove us home too.

So I have survived my first day travelling without drinking. I must admit the thought of tackling a man to the ground who happened to be carrying a box of my favourite cider in town this evening did cross my mind. I could almost taste the sweetness on my lips. And then I reminded myself that I am so much better without drinking. A lime juice cordial pretty much quelled the taste for cider, which is a far option for me. I also survived the rowdy pub where we had dinner, the site of alcohol everywhere. I chose to sit outside and remove myself from the visuals. Out of sight out of mind!

I am looking forward to sharing more about my travels from this trip. Stay tuned for more to come and hopefully some beautiful shots of Uluru and Kings Canyon! I love travelling and I love taking good photos!

Take care and may the force be with you!

Anita xx

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

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