Visualising change

Visualising Change:

When I was a small child my Father taught me how to visualise. We used to call it dream time. Often we would sit outside near the pool on a bench, and simply talk about our dreams, future plans and what we really wanted to make happen in the future. I didn’t realise it at the time but this was so powerful and such a fantastic thing to do. As an adult I continue to have these dream session times. I know that if I am not clear and precise about what I want then it is less likely to happen. Really immersing yourself in the dreaming of it and imagining it to be real is the trick.

I have manifested all sorts of amazing things in my life. Cars, bikes, furniture, dream holidays abroad and even jobs I have wanted. Most of us know about the law of attraction, and this is basically the same concept. To make your dreams a reality I suggest doing these things:

  1. Give yourself time in your day or week to sit quietly with yourself to think about what you really want in your life. It’s important to think about what you do want and not dwell on all the things that are not working, because guess what? You will get more of the things you don’t want!
  2. Be clear. You have to really be very clear about what it is that you want to happen, or want to have. Imagine using it or how it would feel or even taste or smell. The more involved physically you can be in the image or dream of what you want the better. Mind you a new bike wouldn’t taste very good.
  3. Take action. Strangely once you have visualised what you really want, you may suddenly be inspired to take some action towards achieving it. Listen to your instincts and inner voice and do what it suggests. This inspiration is leading you towards attaining your dream.
  4. Keep visualising. Your dream may change over time, and that is okay. Keep giving yourself time each week to think about what it is that you really want.

Recently on the Graham Norton show Jim Carey featured on the red couch. Now there is a guy with plenty of energy! I was very impressed by his interview as he was so straight to the point and clear. With little prompting he announced that he was “a manifester”. He learnt this secret very early on. He talked of a story when he was very young and really wanted a new bike. He thought about it clearly in his mind quite naturally and didn’t mention it to anyone. 2 weeks later he comes home and finds in the lounge room a new bike! He was incredulous at the sight of it and asked his father how he knew to buy him a bike. He said, “I didn’t buy it son, I won it in a raffle”.  This simple example made Carey realise he could project his mind towards what he wanted and it would materialise. Sounds easy right?

He went on further to add that in his early days of acting he visualised receiving  a $10 million dollar check. Crazy money! And guess what? That is the exact amount he was paid for his first movie contract! He also added that he gave his first cheque to his father, oh what a great guy eh?

Of highest importance to being a manifester, is knowing and being clear about what it is you want. I find a lot of people don’t actually know what they want. I have felt this way quite a bit in my life. We are so bombarded by options and choices and decisions and emotions on a day to day basis that sometimes it’s really hard to see the tree through the forest. (I love mixing up my sayings). At times in my life when I am not manifesting much I realise it is because I am not being very clear about what it is that I want, and therefore sending out very mixed messages to the universe. Thoughts create energy, energy can be felt, and we then interpret the energy in all sorts of magical ways.

Being a teacher I find energy very interesting. I am a very energetic and aware person by nature. And generally so are young people, as they haven’t been subject to adversity, or dulled by social drugs.  This is going to sound really strange but let me tell you a story. One day in a health class I was teaching some year 8 students. I am a high school relief teacher so all these students were unfamiliar to me as I was to them. Not long into the class I could identify the more boisterous ones. Now the night before my friend suggested we watch this crazy movie called “To Wong Foo” about 3 drag queens that drive across America, featuring Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes. I hadn’t seen it before, and thought it was quite entertaining. Now back to the classroom, 10 minutes into the class, one student (who was for sure the most energetic kid in the class), asks me quite plainly and without any prompting or previous questions “Miss what is a tranny?” Now being a health class I was happy to answer the question, and being a health teacher I can talk about anything health/sexual/body related so I was fine with the question. But what really got me thinking afterwards was why did that kid ask me that? Especially after I had only seen the movie the night before and had used the term “tranny” a few times talking about the movie with my friend only the night before, although I know this isn’t the correct term but we did use this key word of “tranny” when we were watching the movie. However previously, this topic was not talked about at all in class with the students as we were talking about alcohol, strangely enough. If you have read my other blogs you will get the synchronicity! So I have this theory that energy lingers around our bodies, even words, phrases, conversations all represent this energy. This student was very perceptive and I think literally read the word out of my energy field. I was actually very impressed. Even though I knew that this student had a propensity to being naughty or even attention seeking I knew that he could read energy, in fact had demonstrated to me his skill quite precisely! He just wasn’t suited to the strict and rigid structure of school life in which so many students are not. Of course this question got a few giggles. The joys of being a relief teacher! It didn’t bother me one bit though, and to me was a great example of energy reading. And thanks to him this story is now a feature in my blog, so thanks for being so random kid!

Energy is powerful. The more energy you have the better. For me I am learning more about moderating my energy and keeping it more even keel, as I find it can rollercoaster up and then can plummet at high speeds where I am feeling emotional exhausted. Which perhaps leads me into another blog post?

Overall thoughts create energy. Energy is super powerful. Manifesting your dreams to create a better reality is all about visualising and being clear about what it is you want. Make time in your life for calm, slow things down, turn off all stimuli, get into nature and allow your mind to drift towards imagining the best way of living your life.

I would love to hear your responses in comments please. Please let me know how you visualised and manifested amazing changes in your life. Or if you would prefer to email me please do so:

Best wishes and happy manifesting!

Anita xx “Dreams are the seedlings of reality”

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