Part 11: It’s the final countdown!

Part 11: It’s the final countdown!

I am well into my final week now at this remote lands school, and am I glad to have made it this far!! The last few days have been a little torturous, and the feeling of satisfaction as 2.30pm rolls around every day, that little bit sweeter. I am so not cut out for little kids!! They are FULL ON! But I have made it so far, I am sure I can smash out the last few days now. 
I painted this! I have painted so many of these, and I am obsessed with mixing colours and getting the lines somewhat perfect!
I ended up having a very relaxing weekend, laying low and recovering from the trauma of dealing with small children. I did some painting, read some books, practised my spanish on my Duolingo app, which is excellent by the way. I am amazed how much I remember! I realise my written spanish is much better than my verbal spanish, but that is okay, it is all work in progress, and it has been good to exercise my brain in a different way. 
Over the weekend, I was lucky to be taken out on another tiki tour around town by one of the council workers here. A proud Warburtonian, he showed me many new places I have not seen. He has been here well over 20 years, and is very happy living here. Sounds crazy I know, but that red dirt certainly gets under your skin. I know I will have reverse culture shock when I go home! So weird! 
My new friend drove me around the outskirts of town, showing me the sandpit, full of rich red earth, perfect for growing anything in. In fact the soil is very fertile out here, and with enough water, any thing will grow. I know if I lived out here longer term I would grow a beautiful garden. I miss my gardening, I have always been a keen green thumb, and miss turning the soil, tending to my flowers and plants and garden faeries. I swear I have living entities in my garden, I can feel them. I know, I am weird like that. 
Anyhow, I digress… he also showed me some really beautiful creek beds, and where the town used to be established, but was frequently flooded out so it was moved. And also a big dam, just out of town, where he is planning to put some marron. It was wonderful! And I was happy to take some more photos and enjoy ‘getting out of town’ a little bit. I am hoping to go on one more tiki tour around town before I leave. And smash out some more games of Backgammon. He is a fierce competitor, and after beating me at least 6 times in a row, finally I made a come back and won 3 times in a row. It was about time I tasted victory. But regardless of the wins, I am just happy to play! 
So today was interesting at school…I had the little ones again, and just before I get to the classroom, 6 of the boys decide to do a runner and take off! They were all in a naughty mood anyway, and I could see they would have been a nightmare in the classroom. I was like ‘see ya!’ and in a small voice/ like a whisper of a mouse ‘Come back…’ but more like ‘keep running!’ Lol! Here they have a policy that if a kid wants out they let them go. Fine by me! Adios niños!  Again, for the record, I am not a primary/kindy teacher. I was left with 2 girls who were angels, so much better! We read books, played leggo, play doh, did some colouring, and they played with money, fake money. It was great! If only it was always two well behaved girls, then this job would be a dream! 
One of my favourite photos I have taken out here. I just love these landscapes, I have really enjoyed taking photos out here! 
By 2.30pm, I was fist pumping the air and flipping air kicks while yelling hallelujah ecstatically;  glad to have made it through my 4th last day. See how much I am counting down? It is quite ridiculous. I usually do not like to count my life away quite like this, really ending my time here at the end of the third week would have been perfect. This last week has been quite the push, now I know what my limits are however. I am glad I made it one more day, as I felt sick this morning and was unsure how I was going to go. Anyway, blah blah, I made it. 
Teaching. Wow. What a job! Would you do it?
Okay that is it for another day. Hope you have enjoyed another part of my adventure. Dare I say the next one could be my final instalment where I wrap up the ending of my 4 weeks of work out here in the bush. Pray to baby Jesus I make it to Friday 2.30pm, and I am not even religious. Lol! 
Anit in Warbsies xx

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  1. Well, predictably I love your bright and vividly coloured painting – what fun! And I’m going to miss these accounts of your experiences living in a VERY different locality. Thanks for toughing it out Anita!

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