Part 8: Outings and adventures continued…

Part 8: Outings and adventures continued…

Warburton continues to surprise me, overwhelm me and shock me; as I plow through the second half of my one month stint out in the bush Teaching. Fortunately I have made a new friend, who is awesome! And has kindly taken me out and about around town, shown me the sites, shared some delights and generally made my time here so much more fun. So a big thanks to you Steve if you are reading this! I will miss you! He is sadly leaving soon, and won’t be here for the last 2 weeks of my stay, what will I do without you?!
Recently we went out and explored a place called ‘The Bat Caves’. Singular, because we really only did see one bat! It was a rich red rock kind of place, dotted with emerald smokey green trees; a very picturesque place. Set high on an outcrop of holey rocks, you can see out over the lands, listen to the wind in the trees, and swat flies, unrelenting sticky annoying little buggers. We walked around a little then made our way to another outlook with an impressive expansive view across the lands. We stopped to admire the sunset, take a few more photos, and have a few little snackies. No prosecco sadly to chink to celebrate such a magic moment; the community is dry so the best we could do was some cool refreshing rain water, which was rather quenching. 
Afterwards we went over to another guys house and played Backgammon, YES! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love to play games. I was pretty excited to hear there was a guy in town keen for a match of this Turkish game, it was one of my favourites. So there we were for the next 3 hours or so, smashing out game after game. We topped it off with some Dominoes, which was also fun. Not the smash them over version, but the actual game version, with scoring and everything. It is actually really great! Its just good to use your brain by playing a game, have a chat and a laugh.
The next day I had a bit of a slower morning, some reading and relaxing, then some swimming in the pool, and a bike ride around town. I went out around the air strip and cruised around the houses a little bit. Kids were kicking around looking for something to do, older big bosomed ladies sat on mattresses outside their homes, litter scattered and floated everywhere, skinny dogs peered, and the hunks of wrecked cars stood motionless and useless outside of most homes. A graveyard of broken cars. Really the cars here are incredible. I will try and get some photos, but mostly they have no windows, no seat belts, are not registered and are just used to get around the immediate town or out bush a little. Again only in the bush! 
The school week started again before I knew it. With the days ticking by, slowly by surely, everyday brings something new and surprising, heart warming and disheartening. We had a swimming carnival to start the week, and it was a hectic and full on day in the pool with one event after another. The kids were great though and participated really well. They mostly swam in their knickers, and the older kids in their clothes. Bathers?! What are they? They can swim really well in general, and are super fast runners. Overall their athletic abilities are incredible; they are fast, agile, and light. The little ones are excellent climbers, and can clamber up a pole faster than you can pull them down! They have no fear and are very self sufficient. One girl at the pool I see very often is 4. She is always by herself, swimming very well and climbing everything. Cheerful little girl, she takes no shit and runs her own race. Very admirable! 
Over the next week I plan to do some more painting, more reading, and more writing. I will also keep up my exercise and go to the aqua aerobic classes, and keep cycling and jogging around here too. Keeping fit and healthy is as important for your body as your mind when you are in stressful situations. Sleeping early every night is also a priority. Before I know it I will be pulling my suitcase down the street again back to the airport and flying out of here. I hope to keep having enriching experiences, but realise it is up to me to be the yes girl and make it happen. 
Hope you enjoyed my latest article, any questions for me? 
Anit xx

3 thoughts on “Part 8: Outings and adventures continued…

  1. I’m totally fascinated by your experience of living in Warburton. And I love the Aboriginal art. So glad you embraced this challenge! Can you tell me anything about the last two photos?


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