Photos from my garden.

The other day I was pottering around in my garden, then noticed a magnificent light streaming through the trees. It was a good time to take a few photos and I captured some of the lovely flowers I have growing in my garden right now.

From my outdoor chair this is my view. Not bad hey? I often sit here and bask in the sun, reading, nibbling on cheese and crackers, or sipping tea and eating tasty dark chocolate. 

I also came across this really unusual image! As I zoomed in close to take a photo of my begonia, I noticed a very clear face starring right at me! I could not believe my eyes and took a number of photos of the face, appearing to smile at me in a cheerful happy way. It was incredible, see for yourself later in this post.

Colour and flowers are very important to me. I get a lot of joy from being in my garden and aim to spend as much time out there as possible. I would like a bigger garden but for now I will make do and make it as wonderful as I can.

Slowly it is growing week by week, I am expecting by Spring an explosion and soon a jungle! Fine by me! We will see how it develops in time…

I was just about to go inside when I saw a lovely little bee buzzing around, and boom, captured it as it suckled some pollen from my snap dragons.
Can you see the face in my begonia?

The above photo completely took me by surprise when I could clearly see a face in one of the petals of my begonia. To me it looks like a man, with a broad smile, a large nose, big lips, perhaps african or maori descent. Or does he have a beard? He looks happy and cheerful and I felt a very positive vibe from him, whoever he is. What do you think?

I have been thoroughly enjoying my garden and taking as many photos as I can out there to capture its beauty. I know it will change over time with different flowers blossoming and trees growing so it is good to see it in different stages.

I can not wait until the weather heats up a little more so I can spend more time in the evenings relaxing out there!

Until next time!

Anita xx

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