Dry July

It has been a very dry July in the drinking department for me. And I am very pleased with my efforts! Have you been participating in Dry July?

If you have been reading my blog over the last few years you will know I have been an on and off drinker. A teetotaller, an occasional, an every now and again-er, whatever you want to call it, I am either in drinking mode or I am not. See-saw drinker? Perhaps that is another good name for it.

I have found that I perform, feel, am a much better person when I am not drinking. It seems to creep up on me, like an insidious dark shadow. What starts out as moderate drinking, ‘I can just be a social drinker’ (seems like a good idea), turns into many six packs of ciders, a few bottles of wine, and first name basis at the cash register of my local bottle shop. How embarrassing. I literally have to mix up my bottle shops, just so they don’t see me so regularly.

Although I do not drink Martini’s as such, this image reminds me of some of my crazy antics when I do drink!

At the end of my last school term, I was in the mood to drink. And when that happens, watch out. I drank all sorts of drinks, mixing everything up into a dark, doozy concoction of fun and frivolity. Sure it was, but spewing up bile in the toilet the next morning most definitely was not! I knew it was time to stop. AGAIN!

I had planned a Christmas in July party that very night, my first night of Dry July. I know. Bad idea. How could I not drink at my own party? With the taste of vomit still a good reminder, I could quite easily turn down those eggnogs, wine and champers. I was so ready to quit again, that this time it was easy. I made the switch in my mind, STOP DRINKING, and that was it. I stopped.

Cups of tea, and reading, what I enjoy more of when I give up drinking!

It is now nearing the end of July, and I have accomplished so much more this month. I have jumped back into the pool and have been swimming again, which has been very good for my health. I have worked hard at decorating my home, and have been reading a lot more again. My sleep schedule is good, I feel rested, and have less headaches. I have even lost some weight. Most of all I feel better. I feel more positive, more hopeful, and I feel like a better version of me. I know I can enjoy drinking, but right now, again in my life, I am more than happy to go without it.

Image by Malika Favre. Great colours! Kind of looks like me in the pool, except rarely am I floating on my back, I am more likely smashing out freestyle. And loving it. 


Did you try Dry July this month? How did you go?

I have some big plans for August. No spend August is the goal. More about that in my next post! I also plan to continue with the no drinking.

Anita xx

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