July Obsessions.

I have an obsessive personality type. I get an idea for something, I latch on, like a baby to a tit, like a dog to a bone, like a hound to a truffle, I am onto it.  I dare say I inherited this quality from my Mum. She would also get obsessed about something specific, say a hair clip, or some other obtuse inordinate object…like a decorative (daggy) chain to hold your glasses on your head. That sort of thing. Anyhow, I have it. That obsessive thing.

I also love Australian native flowers, and illustrations like this one. Good job Edith, love your work!

Since buying my first home, SO PROUD, I have become obsessive about decorating it, painting it, making it beautiful, and generally making it the best version of an Anita space I can create. So far, I admit to being boastful, I like the result. I am a home person. I am one of those people! I have morphed from a restless, minimalist travelling spirit into a home nesting, plant growing, wall painting, decorator. I literally need shares in Bunnings. When you know the crew by their first name, you know you have been there too much. They must think; ‘Oh no, here comes that crazy lady again, overzealous, over excited, over enthusiastic chatty nut job.’ But hey, I spend a lot of money there so they have to like me. Ha!


My latest obsession I am proud to admit, is to find the perfect trio of ceramic birds. At the right price, and the right colour. Ofcourse. It has to be just the right thing. And that is the challenge in the hunt for creating the perfect home haven. I am pleased to announce, as we speak, as I type, my little ceramic trio is travelling by post right now! I found it on gumtree. I love gumtree. I buy and sell on there all the time. They are pink, and will go against my mint green wall perfectly. It sounds odd, but my house is like a psychedelic explosion, so it will just work, perfectly. Hopefully.

I am on holidays right now and it is good. It is good for me to chill out, well try to anyway. I did manage to spend 3 hours at the pool and spa and sauna the other day, now that was relaxing. Drinking 3 cups of coffee in the morning is however not helping to relax me. Amping my mania up sip by sip, I am almost ready to charge out the door and take on the day. Buy buy buy.

I have been good at resisting the urge to buy in the last fortnight. I realise I am an impulsive spender and I buy to feel good. I am sure you know the feeling. I love the idea of being a minimalist, but frankly, I live in hope of the ideal. I did have a good throw out the other day, a de-cluttering… and it felt good. I will keep going, foraging through the rest of the house like a squirrel hunting down all her nuts. Gather them up, then pass them on to Good Sammy’s or bin it. There is nothing better then a decluttered home. With a trio of ceramic birds. Don’t forget the birds!

More coffee…but wait I will be back.

Back. That didn’t take long did it?


I am also obsessed with plants. I fucking love plants. All of them. I have been in my home for nearly 5 months, and there is literally not a spare space of dirt to put another plant. But I will find one!!! I keep lifting up pavers, to create more garden space. Totally fine. I have jammed in everything I like so far, and I realise, I want a bigger garden. I have planted hibiscus, frangipanis, begonias, lavender, mango tree, orange tree, passionate fruit vine, blossoming plum, bougainvillea, mint, basil, pansies, snap dragons, bulbs, poppies, tulips, plus more. I have quite literally gone nuts in the garden. Camellias, like 4 of them, and I bought another one yesterday. It was $10, a full blossoming pink one, how could I resist? Needless to say, I love my garden, and I look forward to spending lots of delicious relaxing time out there.

This looks cool. I am going to try and paint this. Like today.

Okay, had enough? Quite a lot expressed today. I haven’t written for awhile. I love my writing, it is fun to express, and connect with my readers, whoever you might be…I love that my blog is read by so many people from overseas in different places. Just to tickle my fancy, and make life interesting, could you please write in the comments where you are from? I would love that.

I love these abstract colour explosions. My kind of art right here.

In love and light and ceramic birds and camellias,

Anita xx



4 thoughts on “July Obsessions.

  1. I take it those are the ceramic birds in your photo above. I really like them. And if I had my own spot, I’d be bragging about decorating it too.
    As for where I’m from, it’s Jamaica but I’m in the US at the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool!! Thanks for commenting :)Infact the ones I have are pink! They look great. They just arrived in the mail tonight! 🙂


  3. In reading your post and thinking about the ‘traveling you’ and these new things you are getting into, it stuck me that, in a way traveling with your body to far flung places is, however beautiful, a simple basic way to travel. Whereas learning new ways of life, like setting in a home of your own and all the other big milestones we go through are a deeper sort of journey and to my mind far more exciting.
    It’s lovely to read of your new world opening up – good on you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks so much! Yes I think I am finally getting more grounded and dare I say growing up?? No!!!!
    Thanks for your support, I hope you continue to enjoy my writing. Xx


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