Flower Inspiration.

Flicking through Pinterest is so inspiring. Here is a collection of beautiful flower images I have come across recently:


I seem to be very obsessed with flowers! As you can see from the floral display above. My mind is focused on my garden of late, and creating a paradise in my own backyard. In fact last night I bought a flowering plum tree! I am super excited to watch this beautiful tree bloom.

I plan to grow colourful poppies underneath the tree. Oooh yeah.

Nature is one of the most amazing healers. For me being outside is so good for your soul. When was the last time you took a nature break?

Anita xx

2 thoughts on “Flower Inspiration.

  1. Hello Anita, you really seem to be getting into gardening in a big way, must be the Latvian genes :>) I love getting out into the countryside when I can but the weather in my part of the UK has not been good so far this year, maybe it will pick up later and I can reacquaint myself with my mountain bike and head for the hills.

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  2. Yes!! I am loving it! I wish I could plant some peonies but not sure they grow here as good as they do in Latvia! Bike riding sounds fun! Go for it! Xx

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