Updates and hello!

My urge to write has waned over the last few weeks. I have been super busy teaching, hosting a new friend from Honduras, and generally collapsing on the couch every evening with exhaustion. Tiredness is my enemy. I am getting better at learning to rest, and the previous incessant need to write and express every last emotion has reduced significantly. Perhaps I am finally healed?


Writing served as a healing tool for me for months, it continues as a wonderful channel of self expression and a great way to connect to my friends world wide, new, existing and yet unknown. I am still incredibly impressed by how far reaching my blog can go, who it can impress upon, who it can help and who just floats by for a quick read and a hello. I love to write, to create, and share, it is my passion. If it can bring joy to you my reader, than for me this is a bonus.

This morning I went along to a community breakfast in my affluent shire of Peppermint Grove. The food was delicious and the views incredible, perched on the edge of the Swan River. It is a privilege to live in one of the best suburbs of Perth and I am grateful every day for  my quick sojourn to the beach, or river or walking loop of lush garden viewing.


I am worn out emotionally and mentally from teaching full time lately. Teaching is a very enjoyable job but can be draining dealing/talking/managing/caring/instructing with over a 100 people on a daily basis. Most evenings I have little energy for a short walk, a quick and healthy dinner and some TV. Quite dull!

Snail like sluggishness. This is my energy today. Snailey.

Summer is approaching fast, yesterday was a really hot 37 degrees. I made it to the beach for a swim in the morning then for a walk to the shops and then in the afternoon I played tennis. Tennis is a really social sport and not overly exhausting physically. I love to be outdoors, and having a chat at tea break and after the games makes the day completely worthwhile.


Life is chugging along at a rapid rate. One year flies by faster than the last. The need to pursue worthwhile activities becomes even more pressing the more I realise how quickly time can pass us by.

Human connections I realise are the most valuable in our lives, and I intend to keep strengthening my existing friendships and continue to make new friends along the way. Now that my family have passed on, friends have become my new family.

Wishing you all the best for this November. Sorry I have not been as regular in my blogging as late, simply the urge to write has passed somewhat. I am pleased I had such a long period of a writing surge so to speak, the longest and most intense in my history. I am pleased to announce I feel I have almost reached the bottom of that expressive pit! I will continue to write as the mood strikes, and even when it does not. Writing can bring so much joy to both the writer and reader, it certainly is a worthy pursuit.

I also love to share some beautiful artwork that I find online, I love the colour and design from these very talented artists.


Til we meet again,

Anita xx

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