Speed Dating Round 2: Twice the thrill!

I was invited to go speed dating again recently, and I thought ‘why the hell not?’Dating is a myriad of confusion/websites/ghosts and weirdos these days. At least with speed dating you get the chance to meet with men face to face, let’s get real!


I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and it sure beats sitting on your couch watching T.V., even when you have a new couch! Speed dating is a strange game. There really is no other circumstance you can have a slightly meaningful conversation in consecutive 5 minute slots 18 times. You really can not beat those numbers, so I thought it was worth giving it a go to find that all elusive love of my life.

Like last time, there was a real mix of men, physically and personality wise, ones who had been married, some never, some with kids, some depressed, some missing some chromosomes, some schmoozers some boozers, and some really nice guys.

Ideal scenario of best outcome in coming weeks…

When I first arrived I began chatting to a few other women. Strangely in this current day it can be challenging to make new girlfriends, so it was a perfect chance to mingle and perhaps find a new friend. And that is what I managed to do. I am always over whelmed by the number of awesome single girls out there who have been unlucky in love. I was lucky to make one of them a new friend, she was my wing woman for the night!

The night dragged on a little with a late start, two breaks, and of course a platter of greasy brown deep fried food, only parsley giving it an impression of health. I was passing on the free drinks, alcohol is once again not part of my routine anymore, and I was pleased to meet two other men who were non drinkers. Admitting they had given it up years ago, they agreed that it really did nothing for them, hangovers were over rated, and early rising and and a healthy lifestyle were a preferred way of life. TICK! It was refreshing to meet men with this renewed perspective. Alas, one must not judge, the drinkers sure were fun too.

Too young? But great shoes. And awesome jawline. I thoroughly enjoyed researching images for this blog!


By the end of the night I was pretty over the small talk, and it was way past my bed time. Usually I was in flannel and wrapped up with my water bottle by this time of night! By chance at the end of the night, a few of us more like minded mingled together for one last drink, or pint of water (god I am a saint!). Over laughs and giggles we chatted some more then decided quite spontaneously to take the party to the dance floor! YES!

One of the guys in the group was a dancer, WINNING!!! I love to dance and it is rare to meet men that can lead well, and trust me, he was a great lead. Bulging biceps and a cute smile also helped. The other guy in our group was a heart warming country lad, a heart of gold kind of guy, and I knew we had made an instant connection. So if anything had come of the night, I had at least made some new friendships and had a great night out on the dance floor.

We walked past scantily clad Uni students, all dressed up in random outfits, who knows what event was on, I was clearly way out of the loop. As we powered past freezing cold bare legs and arms, I wondered if any of my ex students were about. No doubt. Soon we were inside again, into a world of screaming loud music, sticky dance floors, leering seedy men, and crazy drunk women (that used to be me!). I must be getting old, because wow, was that music loud, and I wasn’t crazy drunk anymore! I was high on good company and H20, wow what a cheap date I am right?

Sure I will go on a date with you!

Soon we were all belting out the tunes along with the rest of the dance floor, and ‘waving our arms in the air like we just didn’t care’. The fun continued for another hour or so, then it was time to call it a night. I had a blast!


As I reflected on the night, I realised how good it was to push out of our comfort zone, to chat to people we would not normally talk to. Being me, I got on my soap box a few times and encouraged a few people to pursue their dream jobs or finally book that holiday they had been imagining for years, or to stop obsessing over paying off a house. Remember time will run out for all of us. Many are caught in the fear trap of lack or insufficiency, when really we all live in over abundance. We are so lucky in the western world to enjoy the benefits of freedom, independence and choice; the only limits we put on ourselves come from our own minds. Push out and do the things that scare you! Even if it is one night of speed dating, you just never know who you might meet.

Love Anita xx


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