Endless Possibilities.

The strike of the full moon spells unlimited possibilities. Rising early this Saturday morning, with a spring in my step I powered to the coast line for a fresh renewed glimpse of crashing waves and salty soulful air. I am lucky to live within walking distance to the beach, I take advantage of this convenience as much as I can. And I am happy to share with you my views, together with my stream of consciousness.

My view of the beach this morning. That is me in shadow, a lone figure watching on the magnificent early morning view. 

I have had an uplifting week. Together with the rise of the full moon I feel like there has been a purge of the negative, and a sweeping cleansing wave of the possibility. Anything is possible; we have to keep reminding ourselves of this important fact, and not be shackled by stagnating thoughts, boring routines and limited thinking.

Cyclists sped past me in a blur of fluro and chatter and spinning whirring wheels. Happy tail wagging dogs are walked, bees are buzzing looking for nectar from bright purple sprigs of lavender. Runners gather for the 5km park run, hugging themselves, trying to keep warm, trying to defy the chilly ocean air. The morning is buzzing with activity, and endless possibility.

Rose magic.

Life is good. Life is perpetually moving forward, shifting, morphing into new forms. I love to dream and work on manifesting new realities. My mind is jammed with opulent options, all competing for attention, all trying to find time in my visual cortex. My brain works over time, words ooze from my fingers, happy to be released and formulated, organised and tidy.

My house guest has stayed on a few extra weeks, and she has been wonderful to host. I love hosting travellers and guests, I love to learn new things, I enjoy refreshing new company and I am even more excited if my guests like Yahtzee. We played a few games this week, and C hit the ball out of the park with the highest score ever rolled in my household, with 491, an impressive and unprecedented three ‘Yahtzees’ rolled in one game! With high fives, giggles and adrenalin, we both loved the exhilarating high gained from this very simple game.

This week something else really cool happened. Months ago I participated in a book exchange project where each person participating sent a book to far reaches of the planet, in hope of receiving in return 12 books, or something like that. My first book arrived a few days ago from Slovenia! I was wrapped and overjoyed to receive not only my first book, but a brilliant read. The book is called “As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning” by Laurie Lee, and writes like a dream. His expressive and descriptive language is so rich, like a good Italian Nonna’s sauce, it makes me want to use more similes and metaphors. This book is life changing. I have never read language so continually descriptive, and so inspiring. He writes about a walking voyage through the UK and Spain, which takes place in the 1930’s, pre-second world war, when the world was a very different place. He busks with a violin earning money as he walks and writes about his experiences along the way. I love every juicy delicious word of it so far; it fuels my wanderlust spirit, spurring me on to collage and dream up my next big trip…

A beautiful night sky, stars the best representation of unlimited possibility.  Photographer unknown, but whoever you are this photo is FABULOUS!

Life is for living, and the more I age the more I wrestle with the concept of wanting to throw away the shackles of normality. In the end it doesn’t matter. We all have one life and it is up to us alone what we choose to do with it all. I miss my dead loved ones with all my heart and soul, and think of them many times a day. I call out “I miss you”, knowing, hoping their spirits are floating by, keeping me company in a more whimsical, less physical way. The death of my parents has taught me one of life’s big lessons. Death will come for all of us one day. Strike forth and follow your heart, live your truth, live out your dreams, make the most of the life you have. I sure plan to.

What are you looking forward to? What unlimited possibility can you dream up?

Love Anita xx


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