Part 16: Paros, Mykonos and departing the Greek Islands.

This was the magical view before I left Paros Island. I really wanted just one more swim!
As the blue and white Greek flag flapped in the breeze of the ferry wake, I felt sad to leave behind my Greek Island holiday. Time had gone at a rapid rate, and I really felt like I was only just getting the hang of my local bakery, beach, and also making new friends and connections in town. The sun shone on the bronzed passengers, their feet propped up on the balcony, catching the final rays of sunshine as we pull away from Paros. I will be back, now that is a promise!
I felt reluctant to leave every island I realise now. Each island I visited had a unique vibe and special feeling. I had only 2 days in Paros, 3 months too little! I had explored the town in one day, wandering through the cobblestone streets, walking in and out of tourist shops, buying a few bits and pieces, to remind me of my blissful island experience. Again I wasn’t brave enough to rent a scooter and explore further, I will save this for another time.  The below images are from my day exploring.
On my last day I decided to take a day trip to Mykonos and Delos. I boarded the ferry looking forward to my adventurous day, little did I realise I was in for quite a ride. I chatted to fellow passengers, French and Russian mostly and once again enjoyed meeting people from different parts of the world. I sat up on the top deck and for the majority of the trip tried very hard not to spew. Windy and wild, the waves were turbulent, pushing the small ferry around like an innocent yellow bath duck, chucked around by a violent toddler. We see-sawed and jerked our way across the wild water, enjoying the occasional salt water misty spray. Spew bags were handed around, some being used and chucked into the surrounding bins sheepishly, green faced, mildly relieved. Fortunately I kept my breakfast down, but was very happy to land on solid ground.
We landed at Delos first, a strange derelict place, strewn with broken down relics and pieces of marble and some semi intact statues. If you are into archeology you will for certain love this place. I wandered around the windy and hot dusty stoned walk ways, listening in occasionally to the tour guides. I should have paid the extra 10 Euro and learnt something interesting, but no, I had thought I could wander solo. I did my best to read the signs and photograph the most interesting intact statues, including very bizarre phallic monuments. Those Greeks are really into their fertility signs eh? I enjoyed the museum, especially the male torso statues with broad shoulders, six packs and tight buttocks. HOT! Stone hot! Lets hope my hot future husband could look a little like those statues, just more alive please!
Lizards darted across my path, while dusty emaciated cats sauntered to and fro, looking for scraps of food or a pat. I sat at the cafe and drank my over priced drink, taking a quick break from the gusty wind. It was a very barren place, but I did manage to find the odd dried yellow or blue flower here and there.
I am determined to return to the islands when the grass is green and the flowers are blossoming. I can tell it is a very fertile area with an abundance of fauna and flora. I am a nature lover and want to see these islands at their peak, this time they were dry and dusty, the mid summer heat and wind scorching the land and all in its way.
After Delos we landed at Mykonos, one of the richest islands of the Cyclades. I was almost reaching island saturation, all looking slightly similar but slightly different. I was pleased to find many art galleries and interesting modern pieces on display, amid the curving cobblestone alleyways. I made my way to a restaurant for lunch, and dined lavishly on greek salad, fresh hommous, chicken soup and even a dessert of crunchy sweet creme brulèe. My Alaskan cruise the previous year had ruined me for this particular sweet dish, and it was my go to treat if available. Satisfied and happy, I made my way back to the beach for a swim and relax in the cool refreshing water, before it was time to make my way back to the ferry.
Children played, and big bellied old men lulled around on the beach, all enjoying the sun, the calming lapping waves at the shore line and the clear blue water caressing the white and grey stoney beach. I was happy, relaxed and feeling grateful for the many opportunities and freedoms I have in my life. We really do choose our destiny, and can design the life we want to live. Every time I travel I remind myself of this fact, and realise anything is possible.
After a much calmer ferry journey home, and even a quick nap, I was ready to freshen up back at my hotel. I chilled a little then to my delight was invited for drinks by a lovely English couple I had met the previous day. We agreed to meet at a bar in town and off I went, ready to enjoy my final night on the Greek Islands.
We chatted away happily, really connecting and having meaningful conversation. We talked about grief, about our loving parents, about their teenage boys, about Greece, about all sorts, and it was great. I love meeting new people and learning from them, and hopefully I have inspired them to think about taking an earlier retirement!! Life can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye. It is so important to make the most of the time we have here on this planet, this is not a rehearsal. If you have a burning desire to do something in particular in your life, go and do it! And do it as soon as you can!
In the meantime, I will keep enjoying the fresh air and sparkling sapphire blue ocean on my calm and peaceful ferry ride into Athens.
Take care and know that I love your support! Thanks for reading and keeping in touch, and please feel free to reach out and message me if you want to! I would love that!
Anita xx
Which Greek Island is your favourite?

4 thoughts on “Part 16: Paros, Mykonos and departing the Greek Islands.

  1. Really great article Anita, thank you for posting..!! I have visited Mykonos and Paros before and they are really beautiful island! I haven’t visited Delos, it is in my future plans!

    thank’s again!

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  2. You are very welcome! So glad you liked it! So many more travel articles… I hope you like them too. I take big trips every year and love to take photos and write lots. I wrote 17 articles on my last trip for 6 weeks! 🙂 Dare I say I like to write!


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