Soon I will be travelling!

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that soon I will be travelling again! I will be looking forward to the abundance of writing and photography opportunities on my next trip and I look forward to sharing them with you.

I am planning to go to the UK, Scotland, Latvia and the Greek Islands; and let’s see what else I can find in between! I have 6 weeks for this trip and I am really looking forward to catching up with some friends, meeting new ones and ideally taking some new amazing photos and completing lots of interesting blog pieces.

Even though I won’t quite be dragging around a suitcase, I am more of a backpacker…I do love this illustration though!

Travelling brings me so much joy. I love to explore new places and love to meet new people. I am naturally a very curious person so overseas travel is the best thing to satisfy my curiousity!

Many people have told me they enjoyed my posts on my travels from last year; so I look forward to sharing with you again as I venture around new cities. Writing is peaceful and cathartic for me and helps me to process the madness of thoughts flushing through my mind. It is also wonderful to have  a published account of my trip.

I also write a travel journal as I go. I prepare it before I leave and make a colourful collage of all the places I am planning on visiting on the front cover. Then as I travel I collect all sorts of bits and bobs and paper and memories and sticky them into my journal. It gives me something productive to do when I have some idle time, or need some necessary quiet time. It helps me to process everything, make sense and order of things and also record important details and dates of my bookings or accomodation or plans. I love it! And I find it very helpful and a fun part of my travels.

I also love it when an image I have cut out to collage the cover becomes so much more meaningful to me once I have seen it with my own eyes and experienced being there.

This wonderful illustration is by Malika Favre. To me this image breathes holidays, summertime and relaxation!

Typing is good, but hand writing has a special appeal to it. Perhaps I will photograph some of my collaged pages for you to see too!? Yes!

I hope you will enjoy following me on my travel journey and live vicariously through me on my travels worldwide.

If you would like to meet for a coffee if you are in any of the places I have mentioned and you are a ready of my blog, please contact me and let’s make an arrangement. I would love to meet!

I fly out in June so I still have a few months to go; I just wanted to amp you up in anticipation…

Where are you travelling to next?

Anita xx


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