Best dream ever.

I had the most amazing dream of my Mum recently. I feel compelled to share it with you and all those who knew my Mum.

I found myself in a room filled with things from the past; a few photographs and objects that I could recognise from my childhood, and then boom; my Mum appeared in front of me. I reached across a table to see if I could touch her, and I could! I stroked her beautiful soft skin, her arm looked brown and tan and healthy again. I couldn’t believe that I could actually touch her! She was real before my eyes like she used to be.

A photo I took recently on one of my walks in my neighbourhood. Love the colours, brightness and freshness. Nature always brightens my mood.

Then we stood up and we hugged.  A wonderful tight loving embrace that felt so good. We had full body connection and it felt very comforting and a real energy exchange. It was the best hug I have felt since she died. It really felt that good. I was craving a good hug and this has some how satisfied me!

We spoke together about a few things, and she reassured me things were all going to be okay in my life. She gave me a very important message I felt at the end of our conversation. One I will never forget. And one I want to share with you.

“Focus on the living and not on the dead.”

Simple but effective. We dwell on the past and reminisce our loved ones but it really is so important to value the present moment in time and give our love and energy to the living world around us.

“We will have plenty of time together again one day, but for now the important thing to do is to focus on having a good life, surround and involve yourself with life, wonderful people, great experiences and enjoy the richness that living can give.” 

So that was my profound dream. It was incredible. I have a very special connection with both of my parents but this one dream felt like a real visitation dream, and the strongest and clearest connection I have felt from my Mum since she died in 2014.

Wishing you all the best in love and happiness. Now let’s get on with living our best lives okay? And keep on dreaming…

Love Anit xx

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