Farmers markets and Saturday morning pondering.

My day started differently this one Saturday morning. A summer storm was brewing, dark clouds were ominous and the air was muggy with the anticipation of a quenching deluge of rain. With claps of thunder, and a few streaks of lightning, nature delivered and the rain came down in big thick droplets. Earth smells abound, I love the rejuvenation of summer rain. I sat in my out door chair admiring nature at its best.

I planned to hit the beach but that plan was now on hold due to the surprise change in weather. We had had really warm days of plus 35 degrees, so rain was a welcome relief. After pottering around and a few morning brews, I made my way to the Subiaco Farmers Market.

I have had a good routine of going there for a few weeks now. It is located at Subiaco primary school, a winning combination for me, as this was where I attended school as a child. Every time I go to the market it is like a sweet warming walk down memory lane. I walk across the green soft lush grass, shoes abandoned, and think of all the hours I ran around and played sports on that very oval. So many carnivals, recess and lunch games, lap-athons with cut oranges, cross country events, and favourite time out games like kanga cricket. Cricket was fab with a plastic squidgy orange ball, it no longer appealed when you could potentially die from a simple overarm bowl from a cement laden red rock of a ball. This tomboy was a girl after all! I walk past the school pool, where many swimming carnivals and hot afternoons were enjoyed; back flips off the edge, and where way too many kids per teacher ratio was the done thing. There are way too many rules these days!

There is a new florist at the markets too selling lovely peonies and many other types of flowers. These are one of my favourite flowers, I love their softness, lushness and bright colours.

I have these nostalgic feelings every time I attend this lovely little market. With an overabundance of yummy food options it is always hard to decide what to eat. I usually stick to my favourite almond croissant from the bakery stand, and then meander across for my freshly squeezed juice. I sit on the benches available and aim to engage in random conversations with passersby or whoever is around for a chat. I pat dogs, taste samples, buy plants, listen to the local musician and admire the relaxed and lively atmosphere of this cute market place.

An example of the yummy almond croissants I love to eat at the Subi Farmers Market.

I have always been drawn to markets. I love the community vibe and energy of being outdoors, shopping for local produce and getting many opportunities for random conversation. After my market experience I drove on to the Claremont Quarter for some shopping.

I love living in Peppy Grove and being able to shop at ‘the Q’ regularly now. It is a fab shopping centre with many options for clothes and food and everything gourmet. I had a little indulgent wander around the flash high quality clothing shops and instantly thought of my Mum. She loved quality garments, and anything green. I always think of her when I see things I know she would have loved. I only wish I could still buy these nice things for her! I felt her there in spirit on my shoulder and I felt like I was having this shopping experience with her. We used to come to Claremont for shopping many moons ago when it was the older building with country Target across from the carpark. Claremont really has changed so much! Again there are many wonderful memories and reminiscing opportunities for me as I wander around the stores and streets of this lovely precinct.

I came across a store who was featuring a new artist. She had created these really colourful textiles from her paintings. I fell in love with the designs and bright colours instantly. I felt inspired to add it here to transfer my inspiration to you!

I love the bold bright colours and creative expression in her designs by artist Shilo Engelbrecht.

I finished off my morning dalliance with grocery shopping then made my way back home. I am looking forward to enjoying a lazy afternoon with lots of cups of tea, reading books, writing some letters and sitting in my garden pondering the positives in life.

Wishing you all the best!

Anita xx

What are your favourite activities on Saturday morning? Such a productive morning of the week!

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