Full Moon Drumming

This amazing sunset at the beach. It felt so good just to be outside for the night, enjoying the sound of the crashing waves, and feel the great community vibe.
This amazing sunset at the beach. It felt so good just to be outside for the night, enjoying the sound of the crashing waves, and feel the great community vibe.
At every full moon, there is a spiritual community uprising. A drumming event for all. A community of like minded friendly people who come together for this one uniting force, the rising of the full moon.
I had been to one of these events in the past and I remember really enjoying it. Life gets in the way and time passes, and then boom, a full moon drumming event pops up in my feed and suggests to me this could be a fab way to enjoy a full moon on a Tuesday night, why the hell not right?
The night was cloudy and a bit dreary, rain potential was high. I steamed on, I was in the right mood to not let anything deter me. I went solo and immediately made friends once I arrived. We trudge determinedly through thick white sand to find the group already in position with drums to share, and sprinklings of other instruments.
The vibe is great, everyone is calm and open and inviting and welcoming. It is so great to see such a large free community gathering, and very generous of the man with the drums to share his equipment, drum leadership skills and kindness.
As the moon rose through thick clouds, we all sang and pounded our drums with eager glee. Then we howled at the moon, literally, and I loved it! It felt amazing to connect, to get grounded, to feel the group energy rise, to sing out loud and to be a part of this interesting free spirited collective.
Fire twirlers and jugglers spun into action, illuminating the night with citronella scents and mesmerising moves. Even a man with a didgeridoo came along and played for us. It was amazing!
We started with a good size circle and all seemed fairly tame, only the children were game enough to bounce and wriggle and skip happily in the middle of the circle, loving the attention and naturally enjoying the beats and rhythms generated by the circles energy creators. Under the cover of darkness from the cloudy night, inhibitions were cloaked, and more of us jumped into the middle of the circle. Stamping and grooving and weaving and twirling to the drum beats, it really was very fun and liberating to dance in the sand under the beaming energising light of a full moon.
Come along and try it for yourself! South Leighton Beach next full moon, bring your drum, bring a chair, and bring your good vibes and come and enjoy the collective energy. You might feel a bit strange at first, but your inner child will love you for it!
Anita xx

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