The Silver Fox

Now although this one is a dyed grey... you get the idea... Dyed grey I realise is a complete contradiction to my article... but this was a cool picture so there you go!
Now although this one is a dyed grey… you get the idea… Dyed grey I realise is a complete contradiction to my article… but this was a cool picture so there you go!
I am getting grey hair. Lots of it. And you know what? I don’t mind! I am embracing my grey and wearing it loud and proudly, it is natural you know.
Now grey hair is a controversial topic. Most people would not step a foot outside their front door if a grey hair could be seen on their bold heads. I want to write this post to encourage others to embrace their foxiness and go with the silver flow.
They say turning grey is genetic. I know for a fact my Dad went grey very young, around 25. His dear Mum died around this time and apparently all the hairs on his head turned a stark grey practically overnight. He was not too happy about this situation and determinedly dyed his hair for many years. He was quite vain my Father, and he always wanted to look good, and young apparently. But quite honestly, when he decided to go grey/white, it really looked awesome. Contrasting tanned brown skin and bright blue eyes he looked really great with white hair. He sure was a fine silver fox… now before I digress, let’s revert back to young people and grey hair.
I work with this girl, she is great, super flamboyant, out there and loud. Love her. And she is also really grey. Now she would be maybe mid to late twenties, and she is as grey as your local Grandma, and it looks awesome. She is poster girl foxy. She always has it styled well, schmicko stylish cut, and adding a bright splash of lipstick seems to make it look even better. She was my initial inspiration to going on my own foxy journey.
I guess stress and grief have been the main culprits to cause my foxy ‘pepper and salt’ style. Whatever the cause, the result is all over, which apparently is lucky. People actually say that to me. They say:
‘Wow you are really grey for a young woman, but at least it is all over.’
And they even say this:
‘Wow you really are grey, but it makes your skin look younger.’
Really? So interesting what people say right? Most people really are so consumed by their own grey hairs they don’t care about any one else’s. My Mum used to pluck as many grey hairs out of her head as she could see, every day. This was a fun time consuming activity, and one she enjoyed very much. Quite proudly she used to stick each  hair follicle methodically onto the mirror to admire just how many of the pesky white strands she had plucked willingly and deliberately from her head. It became a bit of a running joke between us, a mix of being a weird gross habit to bewilderment that this was one of her daily favourite activities. It is a mystery as to what goes on behind closed doors right? Not any more! Sorry Mum… she would be turning in her grave; I can see and hear her yelling at me:
 ‘Anit, don’t say that!!’ haha, sorry Mum, it’s too funny!!
I think the important thing with being a good silver fox is maintaining a good hair cut. It has to look good, even freshly cut, most of the time. Hence why my hair is really short. I am obsessed with getting haircuts and obtaining this ‘freshly cut’ look. Lol.
Who are your favourite silver foxes? Hard to think of female ones right? There are more men then women who let their hair do its natural cool thing. I think men with grey hair are hot. Like super hot. Like smoking super hot hot tamale hot. That salt and pepper look when styled well and matched with equally stylish clothes looks great, and hot, incase you missed it.
A fine example of a Silver Fox. Great chest hair and everything! Ok could go a little more chest hair... :)
A fine example of a Silver Fox. Great chest hair and everything! Ok could go a little more chest hair… 🙂
The funny thing is imagine if hair dye did not exist? We would all eventually look a lot more similar with our matching grey hair. Now I know it is not for everyone, but I hope that my article has inspired you to embrace your grey, and feel a little more foxy?
Anita xx
Yours in foxy greyness.
Why does grey hair scare you? Who is your grey hair foxy hero?

10 thoughts on “The Silver Fox

  1. Yay you! It’s great you’re embracing the silver. Too few do. I would love to go grey. Im thinking of stripping all the colour off chemically, I want it so bad. Right now though I’m rocking purple but I just might join your silver fox boat soon ^_~

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  2. Good on you! Yes it’s quite liberating not worrying about it anymore. Just be yourself! I think as long as you have a good cut, you can make it work, but personal preference 😉 Thanks for your comment 🙂 xx


  3. I’m at month ten of not coloring my hair and letting my gray flag fly. At first, when it just started coming in, it bothered me. Now, I’m about half-way there, and I can honestly say I like the gray. Maybe I’m rationalizing, but to me it looks like natural highlights. I’m a little impatient to grow out the colored bits, but the contrast isn’t too terribly jarring. If I had the courage to cut it off into a pixie, I’d have a full head of natural hair. Baby steps. I agree with you about feeling liberated.

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  4. I’m totally with you on embracing the grey. I only have a few but they don’t bother me. I hadn’t thought about it much until I discovered Linda Rodin. Now that’s a silver fox! She’s stunning. She looks so good because, like you say, she’s well put together and stylish 😉

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