Writing joy, Moving House and Spirits.

A beautiful colourful sunset from my favourite balcony.
A beautiful colourful sunset from my favourite balcony.
I am busting to write. I wrote everyday when I was travelling and l loved it, and now that I am home, other priorities get in the way. I am also essentially distracting myself from my overwhelming task of packing up my whole house. I move tomorrow. But first I really need to write, I need to get some words out!
Of course when you are travelling there are a million new things to write about and this for me is what makes travelling so much fun. Everyday is an adventure, a chance to see completely new things, meet new interesting people, and take lots of amazing photos. I love to capture beauty around me, it helps me immensely to appreciate the simple things in life, and to overcome the adversities I have faced in my past few years.
I am now moving house. Another challenge. A challenge because this house was my Mums house. She died over a year ago and I have not been able to move on from where she and I lived together. We moved in to this cute little apartment in a leafy inner city suburb in 1991. Immediately we both liked the feel of the place, after seeing a few shabby places beforehand. My Mum loved living here. Her energy remains firmly pressed against the walls; every nook and cranny of the place elicits a memory for me.
I totally need to go with the flow. BREATHE!!
I totally need to go with the flow. BREATHE!!
It is time for me to move forward in a new independent direction. I have found a great apartment near the beach and river as my new abode. Although I am anxious about the lack of storage space, or wonder if there is going to be enough natural light? Or how will I fit all my clothes in? They mask the real crux of the problem; I do not want to move away from my home of 24 years, or let go of my Mums memories. Tough.
Challenging. But inevitable. And necessary. Change equals new opportunities and it is time to let go of the past and welcome my new bright future full of hope, love and potential.
As all my things are scattered around me in half filled boxes I know all this disorganisation and messiness will lead to new order and change. I need this. I know I do. Marie Kondo and her Magic power of tidy book springs to mind and I remind myself I should only keep the things I love. When I looked through my clothes in my cupboard, I really did not love anything in there. Maybe it’s time to get rid of them all and start again, wouldn’t that be exciting? Imagine! Throw all your clothes away and start again, how thrilling. But why not? We are so attached to our things, so unnecessarily.
Everything is on loan. Nothing is permanent. In the end you only take your skin with you. This has been a harsh life lesson I have learnt through the passing of all my family. My memories are strong though and I am fortunate to be in touch with the energy of spirits, I feel them around me a lot. I love this. I even dreamed of my Dad last night, that was nice. He must know I need a little extra support today. Thanks Dad, love you.
My friend who was staying with me for a short period of time, had a startling encounter one day. She saw my Mum in spirit! How wonderful! She described her perfectly with her black flowing hair, wearing a cardigan and skirt, a common outfit for her. She saw her standing in a spot in the house which I feel is a very energetically strong spot. In the living room, she would work for hours on end creating marvellous creations, working late into the night, for years. If she would appear anywhere, this would be the most logical.
I was very excited and happy to hear that my Mums spirit had appeared in the house. I am sad that I may not feel her in my new home. I hope she comes with me! Or she may remain to haunt those who are the new occupiers, in her home she had for close to 25 years.
Wish me luck to pack. I have 24 hours to pack the whole house and move to a new place. I like to do things quickly!
I was busting to write this morning and upload immediately! I have more travel posts coming next week, I think we are up to Germany still! And I still have all of my Turkey posts to come too!
Exciting times!
Love Anita xx

10 thoughts on “Writing joy, Moving House and Spirits.

  1. I just read your post and never expected you to be home already.
    I wish you godspeed in your packing and moving.
    You have a very short time to move it all. You’ll know what to give away and what to bring.
    If you’re not sure, take it. Time is your friend
    Stay healthy during this process…I’ve admired your very good habits of eating well and exercising,both of which are easy to let go of when other things seem more important.
    Remember they are not….it’s all an illusion.
    Sending good energy to you Anita.

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  2. Thanks Gail!! Yes healthy living is so important especially at times of stress. Its hard to be a good human all the time right? I did make a fresh juice this morning which was fab beetroot, carrot, orange, ginger, apple. So good. I paused for 2 hours as my friend just came to visit… so better get back to it! My travel posts are still coming though… 🙂 Hope you continue to enjoy reading about my adventures! xx


  3. I came to your page after you graciously checked out my post, and was delighted when met with such a glorious barrage of colorful and fantastic pictures. You seem to have truly been fulfilling the tagline of your blog, and after reading this particular blog, I can attest to that. I’m sorry to hear about your Mum’s passing. I can only imagine. As you said, we are left with the memories and the pieces of those we love that are now part of us. Best of luck in your coming endeavor! I am eager to be further inspired by your adventures, and thank you once more for checking out my writing!

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  4. How are you going at your new place? Can you feel your Mum’s presence there with you?

    I lost my Mum last year. It’s just not the same world without her in it. Grief has taught me many things, but it’s so heavy too.

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  5. My new place is nice but makes me realise I am really on my own now. I feel my parents with me when I need them. I just dont have the same memories around me. How did your Mum die? Both my parents died of lung cancer 😦


  6. It might feel lonely right now, but I hope you can make your own new memories there.

    I’m sorry you lost both your parents so soon 😦

    I lost my Mum to depression, she took her life. Or, depression took her life.

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