South Hampton: Rose Gardens and Ancient Old Buildings

A very impressive old Manor House.
A very impressive old Manor House.
Seeing my friend Mandy after so many years was wonderful. We had a lot to catch up on. She had left Australia after living there for 9 years about 2 years ago, so it had been awhile since we had seen each other.
She lived in a brand new apartment just outside central South Hampton, and close to a big green common, where we went for a big walk once I arrived. It was massive, and great to see lots of people jogging around in the early evening. It did not get dark until 10pm, so there was plenty of day light to enjoy more outdoor time.
On our first day, we took a drive out to Burley in the New forrest area, a smaller township full of witchy and fudge shops. It was very old and quaint, and such a contrast to the places I have seen in Australia. I love the way the buildings are so old! It is just amazing to an Aussie, as everything to us is so new. Australia was not founded until 1788, or really established until the 1800’s, and some of these buildings were erected around the 1300’s! Incredible!
A cute old cottage house, with a lovely English garden.
A cute old cottage house, with a lovely English garden.
Each day we ventured out in my friends funky racy blue mini cooper, and zoomed around the cute narrow english countryside lanes. South hampton is very green and lush, I was very impressed with the amount of forest everywhere, such a contrast to Perth.
Romney Town square.
Romsey Town square.
On the second day we went out to Bournemouth by the beach. It was lovely to have some lunch by the sea, even though it was quite windy. Then we drove onto Romsey which was a really cute little town, full of small little shops and cobblestone streets. The second day we went out to Stockbridge and Winchester. I loved taking photos of the old english cottages, and pretty rose gardens.
I was feeling quite tired at this point from my travels, I had been on the go with my trip for about 5 weeks, I was just on half way. My trip had gone so fast so far, I was making sure I was trying to enjoy each moment as much as I could. Photography really helps me to achieve this, capturing a moment in time, to be present, to be in the now, to focus. Letting your mind drift between the past and the future is always the problem right? It was great to have some down time, and relax a little in the comfort of my friends home.
Stay tuned for the second part of my South Hampton adventure and some more beautiful photos of scenic England.
Anita xx

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  1. Milton Lodge has charming Grade II listed gardens with south facing terraces overlooking Wells Cathedral and the Vale of Avalon with mixed borders, roses, yew hedges, fine trees and a separate 7 acre arboretum.

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