Facing the force of another Grief Wave.

A bright red flower to lighten the mood of my very emotional poem!

Grief hits me again.
With full force.
I see a painting in a store looking like my Mum when she was young, when she wore a big white wide brimmed hat.
Triggering my quivering lip, wet eyes and beating heart.
Memories come flooding back in, like a deluge.
Reminding me of what once was, but is no longer.
I wring my grief like a wet rag;
Squelching the grief out from deep inside.
Where there feels an endless supply of tears.
As much as I twist, turn, tighten the tears from my rag of grief;
there is always more.
I let the tears flow,
I do not care what the strangers think.
I grieve authentically, I let myself cry;
Knowing this is the only way to soothe my aching heart.
It will pass, and it will return.
I allow myself to wallow in my grief knowing the tide will turn and soon I will feel brighter again.

Grieving is a difficult experience we will all go through in our lives. I hope my poems can help you be real with your emotions and help you connect to yourself, your past and make your future brighter.

With love,
Anita xx

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