New Zealand Part 4 – Takapuna Reflections

I woke early on my last day in Auckland to a beautiful bright pink glow pulsing through my humble caravan curtains. I threw myself out of bed immediately excited, hastily grabbed my camera and rushed outside. Bright pinks, shimmering blues and lively yellows greeted me to another day, what an incredible spectacle Mother Nature performs every day. I am determined to see as many sunrises and sunsets on a daily basis, this is part of my new sober routine.

Previously I couldn’t tell you when I last caught these magical lights at dawn, very few times. Sunset more likely from a glimpse in the car, but I never made it part of my routine to take time during my day for these natural wonders. I encourage you to try and see more of them too, they really are worth seeing and what’s great is that they are different every day. Perhaps like ourselves, growing and changing and emerging into new, improved versions from day to day.

It feels so great to be moving forward again. For so long I felt stagnate, stuck in mud, and unable physically, mentally and emotionally to move in a positive direction, or in any direction, I was shipwrecked! Dealing with grief, relationship and friendship breakdowns, drinking excessively, losing all my family, these were some of the reasons I felt wedged and stuck on jagged rocks. But finally my ship has made its way off the rocks, I have new crisp and strong sails set high to catch a bustling breeze, and I am sailing baby! I am emerging from my darkness and entering a new bright and enlightened zone. I am metaphorically sailing into the unknown, entering a new passage, passing through a magical and delightful new stage in my life journey.

I also went running along the coast this morning so I am feeling a post exercise endorphin high! Coffee is also giving me a caffeine buzz, and if you know me personally I am just naturally one of those annoying hyperactive energetic morning people. I also went swimming in the sea, swimming furiously in the cold water, and emerging invigorated and renewed. With numb salty limbs, a warm heart and a big smile I gingerly walked bare foot and dripping back to me caravan, feeling proud of my productive and active start to the day.

I also collected a few more shells and took some more photos. Here are some examples. I love the colours and brightness and natural beauty. I am all about richness of the earth, nature, feeling natural and peeling back those onion layers of my personality to reveal my core, my truth, who I am supposed to be, and creating an individual who I am happy and honoured to be. For so long I did not honour or respect myself as much as I should have, well now I do. Things are changing, I have changed, and I feel so much better for it.

Writing is really helping me, it’s so cathartic to express myself. To use language and details and words to evoke sentiment and meaning, I just love it. I will dedicate a whole post to writing one day soon.

Today I am leaving Takapuna and heading on a bus to Cambridge to visit my friend Carmel, a woman I went to university with, so I am very much looking forward to this.

As I left my favourite little bittersweet beachside paradise, I said goodbye to my lovely neighbour Jan. I always endeavour to make new friends wherever I go, and this time was no different. Jan was a Kiwi but had lived in Canada for years. She was planning to relocate back to New Zealand and I couldn’t help but encourage her to follow her dream to return. I liked the way she called me ‘lovey’, this was also my Fathers term of endearment and it reminded me of him. I wished her well on her onward journey and thanked her for her kindness. We had shared many good conversations over the three days we were caravan neighbours. This is the beauty of travelling, reaching out and making connections with previous strangers. I hope she can read this post and know that her kindness was appreciated!

As I lugged my heavy backpack along the path towards the bus, I said fond farewell to Takapuna, it was goodbye for now, I knew I would be back at some point in the future.

In my next post I will share with you my experiences in Cambridge, Wellington and Queenstown where I plan to take more brilliant photos and have more adventures. Let’s see what happens!

Anita xx

“Not all those who wander are lost” J.R.R Tolkien.

3 thoughts on “New Zealand Part 4 – Takapuna Reflections

  1. Thanks so much and so glad you are enjoying my writing and travels! My Mum used to say, it was like I was sitting opposite her talking when she read my writing. Looking forward to sharing more with you! 🙂 Please feel free to forward on to others too 🙂

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