Living your Truth

Hello and welcome to my blog! I have a wide variety of ideas I want to write about here & I look forward to sharing with you. I hope my life lessons can help you, inspire you, and motivate you to live adventurously, and see the fun more in life. So many people I notice live as if they have forever, always putting off future plans, postponing dreams, delaying goals; believing they have an eternity to do everything they want to do. My past 4 years has taught me this one very important lesson: 

‘Make the most of your life, do all the amazing things you want to do as soon as you can, because life can be cut short.’

 I have lost my sister, aunty, my awesome Dad and my beautiful Mum in only a short space of time, all from cancer. This has been a very difficult time in my life, and at times I still experience massive waves of grief. I am now reaching a stage where I have come through the storm of grief and can see the light again. I can see so many possibilities and opportunities again, and it is a relief. I am excited to live my life again and plan adventures, spend quality time with my friends, make new friendships, and make the most of every day. Happiness and joy are a priority, as is health and wellbeing. It is all a work in process. As many of you would agree I am sure! I have been writing journals for years, and creating awesome collage dream books. I have recently developed a passion for photography and intend to share with you my images from all around the globe from my recent & past travels. I snapped this picture down at Swanbourne beach last weekend, I have a new routine hitting the coast around 7am for a run and swim, what a great way to start the day.

So sit back and relax and I hope you will enjoy my insights, ideas and inspirations. 

With love, Anita xx 

“Dreams are the seedlings of reality”

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