September highlights.

September has flown by at a rapid rate of knots. There has been some sort of energetic shift, from the dormant sluggish indoors of winter months, to the bursting energetic and hectic spring time revival.

I have come along way from the plain old rusty shed in the corner and no plants! 🙂 My garden brings me a lot of joy.

My garden is popping and coming to life, giving me much joy. My social calendar is chockers, squeezing in sometimes three activities every evening. I have barely watched any TV (as intended), and I have managed to do more art, which makes me very happy. We have had some warmer days recently which has meant a return to the beach! YAY!! I am a huge beach lover so it is always great to get back to the white sand, blue water and warming sun rays.

All my projects around the house are mostly finished now. I am simply in decorating mode, and racking my brains for more interesting ways to embellish my home. I have slowed down on the plant purchasing, as there just is not enough space to put more plants! So sad! I have almost out grown my new abode, but it will be now a matter of enjoying my labours. Then in the future I can look forward to buying a bigger place with a bigger garden to continue growing and planting and making more paradise conditions!

Life has been busy, but it has also been great. There has been a shift in my mental health again, let us say a positive upswing. I am feeling more excited about life again. I have a spring in my step and I am feeling more me. I have made a conscious effort to let go of a few things/people/mindsets, and even remove some of the blocks I had in my way. So far it is proving fruitful, positive and better. Sometimes closing the door on a few things and people really help you to move forward in more beneficial ways. And by people I mean one particular man who was holding me back. I believe I wrote a fairly scathing blog post about him awhile back…lols.

I took a few great long weekends away this month, I find it so fun to get out of the city for a mini break. It really is so easy to get away and explore, there is so much to see and do!

Flicking through pinterest, I came across these inspiring images. I am really into wildflowers, watercolour and a very talented artist called Zinia King. Here you go!


I am soon flying up to Broome for a little getaway, and I am really looking forward to taking some beautiful photos up there! Stay tuned for that one on the blog in a week or two…

I will keep this one short and sweet! Hope life is good for you! Thanks for coming along and checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy some other articles too… there is much to read.

Ciao for now!

Anit xx

18 thoughts on “September highlights.

  1. Hi Anita. I chuckled at your post-especially about “the man.” Sounds like you have a very full life so who needs him? lol. Lovely garden my dear:)

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  2. Haha we have the opposite here in the Northern hemisphere. We are just cosying up with blankets and fires. Bliss time for the aromatherapy burners and oils. Enjoy the sunshine xx

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