I am a Latvian Citizen!

I have excellent news! I have officially been granted my Latvian Citizenship, which now makes me a dual citizen of Australia, my birth place, and Latvia the birth place of my Father Zig Ozolins.

In case you were wondering where Latvia is… let me clear that one up for you! Riga is where my Dad was born.

I am very pleased about being granted this privilege, as it has been a dream of mine to have an EU passport, and be able to access all the amazing benefits of being an EU citizen.

Here is a good one to show where all the smaller cities are located. I plant to go to Jurmala, Liepaja, Kuldiga and Ventspils, and probably Talsi as it is all in the same area. 

I was born and raised in Perth, so I feel very Australian, but I like to call myself half-Latvian; in respect to my late Father who was a very proud Latvian. He would actually refer to himself as the King of Latvia, in more gregarious obnoxious moments in time, and without any other Latvians around to dispute the fact, it seemed fair enough, even though a slight exaggeration. In my opinion, he was the King in my life.

I dreamed about him last night, my Dad that is. Whenever something really significant happens in my life, my loved ones spirits often come to visit me in my night time adventures. He showed up in a fairly insignificant way, but just his presence made me happy, to know that he is also really pleased for my push to obtain dual citizenship. Finally being able to show the respect and honour my fathers heritage has been a goal of mine for many years. With the opening of the doors on dual citizenship rules, this became possible only recently. I urge other half-latvians and readers of Latvian ancestry to look into the possibility of obtaining your passport, for what is rightfully yours.

Image credit from Lonely planet. I very much look forward to taking many of my own amazing photos.

I am planning a trip to Latvia this year in June. I am going to go to the Summer Solstice festival and explore more of the country regions including Kuldiga, where I learned only recently where my Grand mother was born.

I am looking forward to learning more about my Latvian heritage, discovering my roots in  an authentic way by spending time in this beautiful country. I hope to meet local people and connect with other friends who may also be travelling to Latvia at this time of year.

Can you see the Latvian patterns in here? 

I am really looking forward to the many amazing photo opportunities I will have and the chance to write extensively about my experience too. I will be taking my laptop and writing as I go like I did on my last mega 9 week trip away. I love to write and reflect on my travels and share it with my readers, I hope you will like it too!

I call this my Latvian jingle ring. I love it, it makes me feel very feminine and very Latvian. I just need to remember what all the little symbols mean! 

Bring on the cultural insights, country landscapes, city scenes, markets, yummy food, folk songs, interesting designs, friendly stranger, new encounters, pretty jewellery, peirugs, dill anything, pickled anything, and any new interesting experience that comes from travelling.

Yours in dream travel!

Anita xx

19 thoughts on “I am a Latvian Citizen!

  1. Congratulations! I have my LV citizenship, as does my daughter, and it has opened up the world and makes us feel so much more connected to our heritage. I’m first generation here and Latvia feels like my other home.
    Yes, you must see Kuldiga! It’s where my folk are from and it’s a very spiritual and beautiful place. There are modern conveniences but the charm and beauty have not been compromised in any way. There’s some restoration going on, and many sights to see. Climb the lookout and view Kuldiga across the treetops from the other side of the Venta, visit the Riezupe sand caves and have your stones read (this place is the most special place in the world to me), walk across the bridge, buy mementos from the old ladies at the information centre, stay at Jēkaba sēta (was Jana nams where I once accidentally flooded the breakfast room while I was showering on the floor above) and marvel at the steep staircase worn into a curve from hundreds of years of foot traffic, have a fancy lunch on the deck at the Kuldigas metropole, stay with our old family friend Rita at Sauleskalni B&B (where my sister honeymooned), be a little underwhelmed at the Alekšupīte Waterfall (Latvia’s highest waterfall at only 4.15m high!), splash near the Ventas rumba (Europe’s widest waterfall), walk, walk, walk!
    Wishing you many happy travels!
    Anita P.

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  2. So cool, you’re now my neighbour! 😀 Congrats! And welcome to our big EU family 🙂
    Regarding visiting Latvia, besides Riga, which is lovely, I’d also recommend Bauska (if you have the time), which is a sweet little town just off the Lithuanian border. Me and my friend stopped by on our road-trip from Estonia to Poland (and back) last summer, also found loads of brochures in Bauska tourism centre, which were pointing towards other places (and palaces worthy of the glory of Versailles.. really, our southern neighbours surprised us both there, didn’t know Latvia had such gems).

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  3. Thanks! I have been to Estonia but not to Lithuania, so I will have to get down there at some point in time 🙂 Thanks for the tips! xx


  4. I am born in the USA, but my parents were born in Lithuania and I speak the language fairly fluently. As I understand it, dual citizenship is still not granted to someone like me if I am over the age of 25, yes?

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  5. Hi Anita, I’m also a half-Latvian in Perth, looking into Latvian citizenship & passport…if I’ve calculated correctly it only took you 3 months Nov 15->Feb 16 to get citizenship…that’s quite speedy…but I don’t know where to start! I don’t have any Latvian documentation from my late father, just my Birth Cert with him on it. There doesn’t seem to be Consulates or anything in Australia, let alone Perth? I’m thinking I might need to engage a law firm over there or something – eg. http://www.akit.eu/dual-citizenship/
    The only form I can find on the Office of Citizenship page is in Latvian too…

    So, any info on how you went about it from Perth would be massively appreciated!


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  6. Ok I am back again…so you need to speak to Janis his number is 95825221. His email is janis@msvillage.com.au he is the latvian embassy rep and he is down in Mandurah. Lovely guy and really helpful. I am off to Riga this June to get my passport! Good luck 🙂


  7. Ah right, brilliant, thanks Anita.
    When I saw “Honorary” I thought it was more of a symbolic thing, but that’s great news.
    Wow, Riga! Are you required to collect it personally?
    Going back to Latvia to collect my passport 65 yrs after my predecessors had left, would be so surreal.

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  8. Yes there are no embassies in Australia, some were lucky when there was a touring embassy randomly a few years ago. I thought it would add to the fun of getting it by going there to collect it. Way more authentic! I think you should plan a trip there 🙂 I will be there for the LIDO festival summer solstice celebrations for June 23 this year. I am meeting a friend there and we are touring around the countryside. I will blog all about it so you can read it here 🙂 If you want to email me direct please do… anitaozo@hotmail.com


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